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IMAGINE sayING goodbye to COMPLICATED launches, oversized events, & complex marketing tactics.

Raise your hand if...

You're tired of the endless cycles of convoluted lead-generation, big "rollercoaster launches," and marketing systems weighing down your business!

You often feel like "ripping your hair out" trying to juggle the behind-the-scenes of marketing systems and strategies that are supposed to help you grow!

You're ready for simple, reliable, and consistent lead-generation and marketing strategies that grows your audience, authority, and fills your email list with ease.

Shrink your MARKETING. boost your growth. save your sanity.

I help you accelerate your email list growth, streamline marketing operations, and expand your authority.


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Lead-generation programs and marketing support is just a click away.


You need more than another proven marketing system...

You need leads now.

The Lurkers-To-Leads Micro Audio Summit™️ System delivers a reliable surge of hot leads, engaged leads to your door, without the wait. This is months or even years of work compressed into days. Proven results. Zero complexity.


But you're frustrated by the hot-mess sidebar?

Transform your disordered ChatGPT content into a sleek, efficient system with the AI CONTENT MARKETING ORGANIZER.

Perfect for all types of content, not just AI-generated. Say goodbye to hunting and scrolling – find your best prompts and content with ease!

kind words from clients...

"Wendy literally saved my business. She's an amazing business and marketing systems partner...

She set up our entire sales system from the technology, to sales script, to helping to hire sales reps. And she helped on the operation side to make sure that our marketing-to-sales to onboarding process was super seamless..."

~ Kristin Thomas, CEO
Health & Wellness Business School

"Wendy is a powerhouse full of fresh and fun techniques for finding and converting your best leads to clients.

My favorite thing about working with Wendy is that her main goal is to make marketing simple and effective, and she doesn't let stale old rules get in the way of success."

~ Tobi Fairley, Interior Designer

DesignYou Program Creator.

"Wendy completely transformed my business! She really understands systems, operations, and marketing.

She streamlined and optimized my lead gen and sales so that the pre-qualification process produces more strategy calls with highly-qualified prospects who are ready and excited for coaching support..."

~ Jessica Yarbrough
Business Strategist for 7-Figure Coaches

"Wendy is the systems QUEEN!

She has an uncanny ability to see how to increase efficiency, streamline operations, and make things super simple. I'm so grateful for her support!!

You need her ninja ops brain on your business.

~ Jacqueline Yvette, Marketing & Messaging Mentor to 7-Figure Coaches

"I had some difficulties with getting the right quality prospects on the phone.

Wendy was able to help me implement some simple systems and strategies to be able to increase the quality of leads.

Now I have a higher closing rates and much better quality of leads."

~ Lattice Hudson, Business Coach for Creators with High-Ticket Offers

"Wendy is amazing at putting together systems that helps your business excel!

She has solutions for business growth and savvy ways to draw in ideal clients.

You get a business solution along with powerful to ways to attract your ideal clients into your business."

~ Dr. Faith, Chiropractor & Trainer

If you keep saying to yourself...

Next month I'll restart that podcast.

Next month I'll finally create a Youtube channel.

Next month I'll create that webinar.

Next month I'll start tracking leads.

But as soon as you begin to tackle a strategy, you're immediately overwhelmed with the time commitment, tech-overwhelm, and strategy overload.

...And you tell yourself "next month" again.

Unfortunately, "next month" doesn't help your lead flow now.

"Next month" doesn't help you reach your income goals consistently.

"Next month" prolongs the overwhelm and anxiety.

Without fresh leads coming into your audience and a consistent way to connect with our existing warm ecosystem, you won't have consistent buyers.


After years of working inside dozens of digital businesses, I continue to develop simple, streamlined ways to market, sell, and deliver your offers WITHOUT growing a big team, or having dozens of software subscriptions sucking up your profit each month.

It's no wonder that so many online coaches and entrepreneurs never get their business offer the ground... Or are ready to "burn it all down."

If you’re ready to replace false starts with real momentum, let’s connect about lead generation, marketing operations, or incorporating AI to build your unstoppable growth engine.

Your "next month" is here now. Schedule a Leads Strategy Call now.


I'm Wendy Breakstone, the go-to Lead-Generation & Marketing Operations Strategist for online coaches and program creators who want to skyrocket their email list and fill their pipelines with ease.

I created the Micro Audio Summit™️ System - a proven and straightforward way to fast-track lead-gen and convert leads into loyal clients.

With 20+ years of experience under my belt, I've helped businesses streamline their marketing ops and lead-gen to create powerful, yet simple strategies. From tech companies like GoToMeeting to famous personalities like Marianne Williamson, I've produced thousands of successful events, both in-person and virtual.

My mission is to help women entrepreneurs turn Lurkers Into Leads with my organic lead and conversion system.

When I'm not imagining new ways to alter the lead-gen game, you'll find me hanging out with my hubby, teenage son Carson (named after Johnny Carson), and my furry fam Tuba, Pop, and Macy.

This is where my blog ARTICLES will LIVE... Stay tuned!

FOR HELP AND QUESTIONS: Send us an email to:

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