ready for A Lightweight, lucrative Lead SYSTEM THAT fillS your email list with 400+ NEW LEADS in one week?

Do you struggle to get leads consistently?

Are you relying on reactive marketing strategies that aren't reliable?

Are your big, oversized marketing launches wearing you out?

It's time to STOP...

... flushing money away on expensive ads.

... stressing out over big overwhelming big launches.

... relying on other people's marketing to bring you leads.

... selling your soul to the social media gods.

Instead, let's START...

... flooding your email list with perfect-fit leads

... turning those leads into loyal clients with ease.

... finally ditching the big, frustrating launch models.

You can take control of your lead-generation with a simple lightweight, lucrative system that turns Lurkers Into Leads.

Can I be real with you?


You're tired of using the outdated, overused, sloooowww marketing strategies - hoping that one will give you consistent leads and solid conversions.

You know that your services and programs are impactful and transformational...

You have the results to prove it.

You're SUPER FRUSTRATED by dumb people who having more success than you! (It sucks!)

Well - those less-experienced people have cracked a code that you haven't...

You're stuck in slow-growth purgatory.

Chances are you've been doing these things...

• Spending way too much time on planning and launching a big virtual summit with all the "bells and whistles."

• Being a guest on podcasts or participating in other people's marketing summits/events.

• Creating your own podcast or video channel to try and get leads.

• Flushing money down the toilet on expansive ads that bring in crappy leads.



As an online coach or service-based entrepreneur, you know that it's vital to consistently bring fresh leads to your virtual doorstop. And you must also have a plan to convert those leads to loyal clients who desperately seek what you offer.

However, it can be tough to grow your list fast if you are using slow strategies like podcasting, building a video channel, or posting constantly on social hoping to hit the jackpot.

You're "chasing invisible followers" instead of magnetizing new leads to you.

So in order to create consistent growth, you need people in your audience (the "lurkers") to join your email list so that you can convert them into loyal clients.

Imagine having a simple, REPEATABLE LIGHTWEIGHT system that turns lurkers into leads - And leads into loyal clients.

A CONSISTENT system that you control, and:

✓Gives you free access to Other People's Audiences.

✓ Doesn't cost you thousands of dollars in advertising every months.

✓ Fills your email list with fresh leads in just a week.

✓ Then converts those leads to loyal clients fast.

this is what happens when you follow SIMPLE lead System...

✖️ REDUCE lead-to-conversion time

✖️ REDUCE advertising expenses

✖️ ELIMINATE your hours of computer time

✖️ ELIMINATE overused strategies

✖️ ELIMINATE launch frustration and stress

✖️ STOP reinventing the wheel with each launch

✶ MULTIPLY your email list

✶ AMPLIFY your expertise & influence

✶ MULTIPLY client signups

✶ EXPAND revenue streams

✶ AMPLIFY your partnerships

✶ MULTIPLY your free time

"This program is terrific, Wendy.

You're a blessing. We're in all different places [in our business] and yet your clarity and your willingness to show and explain is just so special. Thank you."

Joyce, Career Transition Expert

“Wendy’s Lurkers-to-Leads System is such an easy way to plan, create, and launch a summit.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to figure this all out by myself and I can just follow the plan she’s already laid out for me. This saved me so much time and the tools are so organized.

~ Annabelle Bayhan, Marketing Coach

"Your Lurkers-to-Leads System is off the charts amazing.

I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time. I can do SIX Micro Audio Summit this year!"

Dr. Laura Cobb, Leadership Coach

“The Micro Audio Summit System has been

by far one of the best roadmaps & frameworks that I have experienced for business growth…”

Joyce Moon, Health Coach

this system is designed for...

Online Coaches & Service-based Entrepreneurs

Branding & Marketing Experts

Social Media Managers & Strategists

Authors & Writers

Health & Wellness Practitioners

Personal Development & Life Coaches

Executive Leadership Consultants

Spiritual & Faith-Based Coaches

Turn lurkers into leads...

And leads into loyal clients.

LURKERS-TO-LEADS {SIMPLE LEAD SYSTEM} is the complete Micro Audio Summit™️ System and 1-Week Conversion Machine curriculum, PLUS personalized coaching program designed so that you can create your reliable lead-to-conversion machine.


In Phase 1, we design your simple roadmap for success!

It's important to put a bit of time into your plan so that you can implement with ease.

We'll align your business goals to your Micro Audio Summit strategy, and make sure that your topic, target, and speakers create a perfect trifecta for success.

In Phase 2, we dive into production!

Now the real fun begins. You'll interview speakers, prepare the recordings, create assets for yourself and the speaker, and finalize your promotion calendar.

We'll also begin to map-out your
1-Week Conversion Machine.

In Phase 3, it's time to shout it from the rooftops!

Promotion begins... Registration opens...

And you'll watch the leads flood in.

Your amazing Micro Audio Summit will be released to your registrants. And then you'll announce what you have in store for them next!

In Phase 4, you now have their undivided attention!

It's "all eyes on you" now! Time to go one step deeper with your warm, engaged leads and make them an offer they can't refuse!

Your simple conversion event will invite them into your programs and offers.



  • Micro Audio Summit Project Tracking System

  • Strategic Planning Workbook & Guide

  • Organizational Management System

{value: $5,188}


  • Speaker Management Tracking System

  • Speaker Info Page & Questionnaire Templates

  • Pre-written Speaker Email Swipe Files

  • How To Interview Speakers Like a Pro

  • Speaker Agreement Template

  • How to Curate your Speakers and Topics

{value: $3,632}


  • Registration Page Outline & Copy Swipe Files

  • Pre-written Attendee Email Swipe Files

  • Pre-made Registration & Summit Templates

  • Promotional Calendar for you and Speakers

  • Pre-made Canva Graphics & Templates

{value: $3,059}


  • 1-Week Conversion Machine Playbook

  • Customized Conversion Event Strategy

  • Project Tracker

  • Customizable Swipe Files

  • Support for Your Conversion Event

{value: $3,990}


  • 4 Private 60-min Coaching Sessions

  • Unlimited "Rapid Fire" Next Step Calls

  • Daily Voxer, Whatsapp, or Direct Message Access

  • Summit Registration Page(s) Review & Audits

  • Emails & Graphics Review & Audit

  • Up to 3 months - we go at your pace

{value: $7,900}


{value: $1,597}

  • HelloAudio Tech Trainings

  • Marketing & Software Trainings

  • Expert Training Interviews

  • Wendy's Micro Audio Summit Vault

(This program is valued at $25,357)

*One-Week Conversion Machine and Personalized Coaching is not available in DIY

this is for YOU IF...

  • You've frustrated by LESS EXPERIENCED coaches having more success than you.

  • You want CONSISTENT LEAD FLOW and a simple conversion system.

  • You have an established business with a proven results.

  • You use software in your business for email marketing and landing pages.

  • You want to stop relying on overused strategies or 'reactive marketing' and instead have your own lightweight lead system that your control.

"Working with Wendy was absolutely amazing. I got the guidance and coaching I needed using her Lurkers-To-Leads System.

It was so easy to follow. The training and templates are well planned out and structured beautifully. It made it really simple and something that was easy and beneficial at the same time.

This System supports my business and my current marketing goals because I'm in the phase of building out my email list and gaining more visibility and branding myself as an expert in the world of course creation. And this system does everything for me. It allows me to build my email list, collaborate with other experts in other Industries, to get on that platform and be seen as an expert among many!"

~ Kelley Tenny, Teach Your Brilliance - Curriculum & Course Strategist

I'm Your Lead-Generation strategist.

I'm Wendy Breakstone ~ creator of the Lurkers-to-Leads Simple Launch System featuring the Micro Audio Summit & One-Week Conversion Machine.

I help online coaches and digital entrepreneurs to simplify and streamline their marketing, sales, and program delivery so that they can stand out as the expert and land more clients with ease.

For the past 20+ years, I've consulted and mentored dozens and dozens of service-based entrepreneurs and business owners who need marketing and operations support in order to create sustainable, long-lasting growth.

It's this compilation of expertise in marketing, media, and event production that has led me to develop the Micro Audio Summit Framework in order to help others host their own high-impact successful event.

People & Companies I've Worked With...


I'VE BEEN Featured On...


What exactly is a Micro Audio Summit?
It's a quick-to create, small-scale audio-only event that brings leads right to you door.

Who does the Micro Audio Summit work for?

If you're an action-taker who's frustrated by slow strategies that take too long, then Lurkers-to-Leads System is PERFECT for you.

How are the program delivered?

The trainings, templates, and trackers are available via the program portal, and you can make copies right from Google Drive. The coaching and support is delivered over Zoom and in our private VIP FB Group.

You'll log into our member platform, access the links and find quick tutorial-style videos for your review.

If I don't like the program, can I get a refund?

You will get immediate access to the complete System and Program digital assets.
Because of the nature of this program, we don't offer refunds.
If you have a special circumstance, please reach out, we'll do our best to work with you.

Can I share the program with my clients?

We do not allow sharing of your login or program materials.
When you purchase the System, you are purchasing a personal, single-use license for your personal business only.

If you would like to use the Micro Audio Summit System for other clients, please email us (hello{at} to learn about our extended use license.

Do you have an affiliate partner program?

YES! Details are inside the Program. You can sign up immediately!

Wendy Breakstone - Creator of the Micro Audio Summit

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