Are you ready to turn more prospects into happy clients? 

High-Integrity Sales for Coaches with Premium, Value-Based Programs & Services


You started out on your own, and have built an established, multi-6-figure business with a high-ticket, high-touch program.

You've experienced steady growth up to now, and are ready to double your revenue and scale in a predictable way. You're committed to hitting that 7-figure mark and even surpass it...  

But under your surface-level success, you're struggling to keep up with it all.

The stress of scheduling sales and enrollment calls, managing your team, running your business, and serving your clients is catching up with you.

It's a balancing act for sure!

  • If you grow to 7-figures, will you be able to sustain it?
  • How can you take a vacation without sales coming to a screeching halt?
  • How can you serve more people as clients when half your time is taken up with discovery calls?
  • How much more will you have to work, knowing that your family and friends are already breathing down your neck?!?

I create powerful relationships for you with the right clients that benefit from your program or services.

"Wendy Breakstone is a GENIUS with helping entrepreneurs setup the right sales and marketing systems needed to launch or expand your coaching program.

With Wendy's mentoring, I implemented an entire system to invite prospects to my private coaching program, schedule interviews, and receive payment easily. I had a full private roster in just two months. She knows exactly how to support entrepreneurs with choosing the right strategies and systems to create simplicity that looks professional.”


Reclaim your time. Accelerate your growth.

It's time for you to get out of the day-to-day sales process and focus your time on serving your clients and strengthening your programs for future, scalable growth.


Are you gearing up for a big time-driven, cart open/close launch?

 If you're driving sales calls from a webinar, video funnel, or email campaign you need to get your prospects on the phone ASAP!

I'll be there to convert them to your newest client or student!


Do you have an "evergreen" group program, online course, or private coaching services that people can join at any tim?

Then you need a sales pro that will help your prospects quickly through the sales process.

I'll handle your inbound, scheduled calls, prospecting within your active FB group, and follow-up.

My sales methods are built on a foundation of integrity and value-based selling where the sale is an opportunity for both sides to win and grow. 

I don't engage in shifty closing tactics that trick person to make a decision that truly isn't right for them.

I help your your prospects understand why your progam or service is their best option based on my deep dive, question-based method that uncovers their unique pains, desires, and what they value the most.


What sets me apart...

As a seasoned entrepreneur myself, i’ve built several multi-6-figures business attracting prospects and turning them into high-value, happy clients.  

I have a background in marketing and sales within tech companies like Citrix GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar where I managed million dollar budgets and negotiated deals with some of today’s leading authors, speakers, and media outlets.  

It’s these experiences, combined with my expertise and training in business management and entrepreneurial coaching, that allow me be viewed as a trusted Program Advisor in order to help your prospects into the program that will best serve them and open a long-lasting powerful relationship between you and your new client.

When you work with me, you are choosing a trained, experienced professional who believes in creating real relationships between you and your prospects.

As a woman with more than 20+ years of professional business experience running my own companies and helping others build success, I offer a unique perspective and am viewed as a "trusted advisior."

  • 20+ years in business management, sales, and marketing for high-tech companies like GoToMeeting
  • Owned a multi-6-figure web development and marketing company
  • Coached and consulted with dozens of service-based entrepreneurs in a small-business capacity
  • Trained business and marketing coach

I'm a great fit for you if:

  • You're a coach or consultant with a premium program, course, or service  
  • You have a steady stream of leads coming in weekly  
  • You've hit a plateau in your sales and need help turning more qualified prospects into loyal clients  
  • You have an upcoming launch for a program or service and will be flooded with prospect calls  
  • You're leaving money on the table because you don't have time on your calendar for discovery calls  
  • You want to be able to take a vacation and not worry about sales drying up

I'm not a good fit for you if:

  • You don't have a premium program or service (at least $4,000)
  • You don't have a steady stream of leads coming in or calls being booked
  • You aren't generating at least 10-15 sales calls per month from your marketing efforts
  • You're want fast-talking, zero-integrity sleezeball closer that will close sales at any cost

It's common to believe that "no one can do the job as good as you," or that you can "give more of other work to the assistant and that will help."

Whatever your belief (or excuse) is for not hiring a sales expert to help you enroll more clients, I can promise that it's costing you more in the long-run.

However, when I manage the enrollment for your high-ticket, high-touch program or service, you'll have more time to focus the future growth your business instead of spending your days jumping from one sales call to another. 

Your sales conversions will increase with clients that are a perfect fit for your program. And you can take a vacation for a week (or a month) and your business continues to make sales because you have a professional managing enrollment.

It's time... Take the next step and schedule a Sales Strategy Call with me. 

Let's Talk About Your Sales

"Wendy is amazing at listening to your needs and helping your business excel!

She has out-of-the-box solutions for business growth and savvy ways to draw in ideal clients. She takes the time needed and is super considerate in getting to know how your business is running now and what your vision is for the future. Bottom line, you get business solutions, great ways to attract and sell to your ideal clients, and Wendy’s passion and commitment to You during that time."