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Where to Find & Research Speakers for Your Audio Summit

Have you considered hosting an audio summit or a virtual event, but the thought of finding speakers was bone-chilling?

Hosting a summit is a powerful way, and easy way, to get in front of other people's audiences. However, I often hear summit hosts say that the most daunting part of producing a summit is finding and inviting speakers.

People are so afraid of having a speaker decline the invitation, that they make excuses for not hosting a summit.

Honestly, this is short-sighted of both the host and the speaker who declines.

There is so much opportunity for speakers to grow their own audience and email list when they participate in your event. You are actually doing them a huge honor by offering to put them in the spotlight as an expert at your audio summit.

You'll actually be surprised how easy it is to find speakers that know the value of stepping up onto somebody else's stage and having free access to new audiences.

Don't let the speaker search be the blocker that stops you from creating a high-impact, email list-filling event!

Here are five places where you can find high-quality speakers with very little effort.

#1 - The low-hanging fruit

Start by creating a list of colleagues, friends in your business circle, and acquaintances that quickly come to mind. These are people off the top of your head that you think would be an “easy yes."

You may find that you have more than half the speakers you already need to host a powerful micro audio summit

Remember: you only need 4-7 speakers for a Micro Audio Summit.

If you’re staring at a blank page:

Open up the Notifications in your Facebook account and scroll through to see who you’re most recently connected with.

Then scroll through your DM messages on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or whatever social platform you’re most active on.

This will jar your memory and get your speaker list started with aligned potential speakers.

Hand-select and invite speakers who are in a complementary niche with the same target audience as you.

#2: Search The Speaker Rolodex

If this is your first summit or online event that you’re hosting and you want some quick speaker wins, or you need just a few more speakers to round out your line-up, The Speaker Rolodex is the perfect place to find speakers.

This is a free directory for online coaches and entrepreneurs who are looking for more speaking opportunities. The speakers listed The Rolodex are actively looking for more speaking gigs!

#3: Paid Programs & Memberships

Chances are good that if you’re a service-based entrepreneur focused on growing and scaling your business, it’s likely you’ve purchased a few courses or programs along the way. 

We have a natural tendency to surround ourselves with like-minded people, just like those who are in paid programs and members with you.

The people in these programs with you are most likely just one or two steps ahead or behind you. It makes them perfect to collaborate with!


People in paid programs are likely serious about growing their business, just like you. They have made an investment in their growth. Start with paid programs and memberships before you turn to free, overpopulated groups to source speakers.

#4: Guests on Competitor or Niche-Aligned Podcasts

Podcasts are a great place to find guest speakers for your virtual event or audio summit. Search for a few podcasts with topics and content that aligns to your niche, and narrow your search to those shows that offer interview-style episodes.

Scan the show notes for topic ideas and listen to 5-10 minutes of the episodes to get a vibe on the speaker. Create a list of those guests that complement your summit, and then follow-up with your research before you make the invitation.


Your research of speakers should include listening to them before you extend an invitation. That way you know if they are a clear, articulate speaker, and will be an asset to your summit.

#5: Use Social Audio Platforms like Clubhouse to Find Speakers

When the social audio app, Clubhouse, launched into beta in late 2020, it gave many entrepreneurs easy access to an ocean of speakers who want to use their voice in order for their message to be heard.

Since then, other social media apps have launched audio-only features and platforms to complete with Clubhouse.

These voice-only apps allow you to quickly “audition” speakers for your audio summits and virtual events. You can listen live to someone speak and teach on their specific expertise. Then you can determine if that person would be an asset to your event, and make then personal invitation.

Finally, don't let sourcing speakers stop you from hosting a lead-generating summit! You have the chance to build a powerful partnership and open new affiliate opportunities! Speakers will say "yes" 75-80% of the time!

If you want more information about how to invite speakers, grab the Micro Audio Summit Toolkit & System. You'll be creating your high-converting event in just a few weeks!

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