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What Exactly Is a Micro Audio Summit?

I've been talking quite a bit about the Micro Audio Summit™️ framework. And since it’s a new term I created within the Audio Marketing industry and umbrella because typically when people think about “audio marketing,” starting a podcast comes to mind. So people often need a deeper explanation of what exactly I mean by “Micro Audio Summit.” 

Before I dive into the features of a Mico Audio Summit, it’s important that you understand what a virtual summit or “video-based summit” is. A virtual summit is an online event with multiple speakers. Traditionally, you see a lot of talking head videos and slide presentations.

The main reason a video summit, (or any type of summit for that matter) works so well is that you're accessing Other People's Audiences - OPA Effect. When you bring all of the speakers together, you dramatically increase your awareness and reach. This is why people love to host summits.

Audio Summit vs. Video Summit

A full-scale audio summit is much like a video-based virtual summit.

First of all, most virtual summits are several days. There are usually more than a dozen speakers. You may offer a VIP Pass upsell. Those are the basic features.

However, with an Audio Summit you deliver the entire virtual event as audio-only. There are no videos that people must watch.

All of the content is consumable no matter where or what your attendees are doing as long as they can listen from their computer, or they can listen to your audio summit directly from their favorite podcast player right from the phone. (no screen-watching is required.) It’s totally portable for your attendees are on-the-go.

Another feature of the audio summit is that you (the host) are interviewing each speaker and are providing your core brand values, mission, and beliefs throughout the audio summit.

This is a key differentiator from the traditional virtual summit where speakers are often submitting pre-recorded slide presentations that the host is not in.

Typically, a full-scale audio or video summit will take 3 months to produce. That is a long time to take for one marketing strategy.

When I hosted a full-scale audio summit, my email list grew more than 800%.

However, it took three months, with hundreds of moving tasks, and was very time-consuming.

There had to be a quicker, reliable way to generate leads, grow my email list and reach other people’s audiences.

Benefits of the Micro Audio Summit Framework

I wanted to create a marketing strategy that was less time-consuming and complicated but kept the main benefits of hosting an audio summit intact including:

  • Getting a surge of new engaged leads onto my email list
  • Building awareness in front of other people’s audiences 
  • Not having to rely on video or slide presentations
  • Creating my own stage of authority
  • Controlling the quality, time to market and messaging

The Micro Audio Summit framework gives you all of these benefits in a reliable, quick-to-create 6-week creation cycle.

You can host one every 6-8 week or at the beginning of any product or program launch and not burn out from the work.

Main Features of the Micro Audio Summit

There are four (4) main features of the Micro Audio Summit framework that make it both simple and effective for sustainable business growth.

#1: There are only 4-7 Speakers

When you create a Micro Audio Summit, you are only working with four to seven speakers. Since this is only a handful of speakers, you won’t be overwhelmed with production management work, and your attendees won’t feel overwhelmed with information.

You’re providing educational information that your attendees can actually implement instead of feeling washed away by the content they won’t take action on.

#2:  Micro Audio Summit is a 1-Day Event

All of the speaker interviews are released at the same time on the same day.

This is not a multi-day summit with a crazy release schedule. This is a very streamlined, no-fluff event. 

#3: Micro Audio Summit is free for attendees

In this audio summit framework, there is no VIP upsell. Once someone registers for their free ticket, they get to keep the access to the interviews indefinitely (or until you stop hosting the audio files. You do not revoke access like you would with a full-scale virtual summit.

#4: It Takes 6-Weeks or Less to Launch a Micro Audio Summit

There are very few (if any) marketing strategies that create a powerful surge to your email and authority in this little amount of time.

This means that you can use the Micro Audio Summit framework to create a new source of leads every six to eight weeks. You’re creating yourself a reliable lead generation machine that you can replicate over and over.

Now that you understand the main features of this simple and powerful marketing strategy, you can set yourself up for bigger email growth with less effort.

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Want to take advantage of the Micro Audio Summit Framework for your business? Get the Lurkers-To-Leads Toolkit here.

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