Happy clients say...

"I'm having so much fun building my Micro Audio Summit - you have no idea. I understand why my email list hasn't grown in the past. I feel like I'm on fire. You've given us the copy. It's just fill in the blank and adapt to the brand - then off you go. It's that simple.

And I'm so so thankful for The Accelerator program because I've spent thousands of dollars in the past on other programs. And nothing compares to this level of hand-holding..."

Andrea Cristancho
Holistic Business Coach for Parentpreneurs

"Wendy, this has been an outstanding experience learning how to create and run a successful audio summit.

Your program and weekly Zoom calls have been thorough and extremely helpful. You provided the detail and answers needed. I applaud your efforts!"

Vicki Thomas, Co-Founder
My Future Purpose

"This program is terrific, Wendy. You're a blessing. We're in all different places [in our business] and yet your clarity and your willingness to show and explain is just so special. Thank you."

Joyce, Career Transition Expert

“Wendy’s Micro Audio Summit System is such an easy way to plan, start and create an Audio Summit.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to figure this all out by myself and I can just follow the plan she’s already laid out for me. This saved me so much time and the tools are so organized.

Annabelle Bayhan, Business Marketing Coach

"Before my strategy session with Wendy, I was confused and a bit in the weeds regarding structuring my upcoming launch.

With Wendy’s coaching, I was able to quickly make some powerful pricing and positioning decisions. As a result, I exceeded my monetary goal - and doubled my sales over my last launch!"

Jana, JanaO Media
Pinterest Educator

"Your Micro Audio Summit program is off the charts amazing I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time. I can do SIX Micro Audio Summit this year!"

Dr. Laura Cobb, Leadership Coach

"I've been given templates, checklists, and swipes as part of other programs, but this is the most amount of templates and checklists that I've received --but I don't feel overwhelmed, compared to other programs.

There's so much clarity baked in, and attention to detail, not only in terms of making it organized and clear, but also how you thought about the person reading it."

Ex Powanpongkul, Marketing Agency Owner

“The Micro Audio Summit Toolkit has been by far one of the best roadmaps & frameworks that I have experienced for business growth…”

Joyce Moon, Health Coach

"Wendy is a powerhouse full of fresh and fun techniques for finding and converting your best leads to clients.

Brainstorming and visioning big ideas with Wendy is a blast. My favorite thing about working with Wendy is that her main goal is to make marketing simple and effective, and she doesn't let stale old rules get in the way of success. If you want to give your marketing a shot in the arm, Wendy is the answer! "

~ Tobi Fairley - Award-Winning Interior Designer & DesignYou Program Creator

"She made me feel like the weight of bricks was taken off my shoulders.

"Wendy literally saved my business. She's an amazing business and marketing partner...

She set up our entire sales system from the technology, to sales script, to helping to hire sales reps.. And she helped on the operation side to make sure that our marketing-to-sales to onboarding process was super seamless..."

~ Kristin Thomas, CEO - Health & Wellness Business School

"Wendy completely transformed my business!

She streamlined and optimized my lead gen and sales so that the pre-qualification process produces more strategy calls with highly-qualified prospects who are ready and excited for coaching support..."

~ Jessica Yarbrough, Business Strategist

"My entire sales process is now smooth and comfortable.

I was able to thankfully work with Wendy and she helped me implement some simple, strategic systems to increase the quality of my leads. So now I'm getting higher closing rates, much better qualities of leads..."

~ Lattice Hudson, Business Coach

Fast-track the creation and launch of your Micro Audio Summit™️ with live, guided coaching support and accountability.

Micro Audio Summit Accelerator

This is the whole shebang! The 6-week step-by-step live coaching program that guides you through creating your Micro Audio Summit.

This program fast-tracks your production cycle by removing all the guesswork as you plan, create and launch your first Micro Audio Summit in six weeks.

Packed with step-by-step training, templates and trackers. It will fast-track your path to growing an engaged email list and scaling your business in 6 days instead of 6 months.