Client Love...

"Wendy is a powerhouse full of fresh and fun techniques for finding and converting your best clients.

Brainstorming and visioning big ideas with Wendy is a blast. My favorite thing about working with Wendy is that her main goal is to make marketing simple and effective, and she doesn't let stale old rules get in the way of success. If you want to give your marketing a shot in the arm, Wendy is the answer! "

~ Tobi Fairley - Award-Winning Interior Designer & DesignYou Program Creator

"She made me feel like the weight of bricks was taken off my shoulders.

"Wendy literally saved my business. She's an amazing business and marketing partner...

She set up our entire sales system from the technology, to sales script, to helping to hire sales reps.. And she helped on the operation side to make sure that our marketing-to-sales to onboarding process was super seamless..."

~ Kristin Thomas, CEO - Health & Wellness Business School

"Wendy completely transformed my business!

She streamlined and optimized my lead gen and sales so that the pre-qualification process produces more strategy calls with highly-qualified prospects who are ready and excited for coaching support..."

~ Jessica Yarbrough, Business Strategist

"My entire sales process is now smooth and comfortable.

I was able to thankfully work with Wendy and she helped me implement some simple, strategic systems to increase the quality of my leads. So now I'm getting higher closing rates, much better qualities of leads..."

~ Lattice Hudson, Business Coach

"Wendy is a GENIUS with helping entrepreneurs setup the right marketing systems needed to launch and scale.

With her mentoring, I implemented an entire marketing system to invite prospects to my private coaching program, schedule interviews, and receive payment easily. I had a full private roster in just two months. She knows exactly how to support entrepreneurs with choosing the right strategies and systems to create simplicity that looks professional.”

~Parvati Shallow - Transformational Coach, "Survivor" TV Show Winner

"Wendy is amazing at listening to your needs and helping your business excel!

She has out-of-the-box solutions for business growth and savvy ways to draw in ideal clients. She takes the time needed and is super considerate in getting to know how your business is running now and what your vision is for the future. Bottom line, you get business solutions, great ways to attract and sell to your ideal clients, and Wendy’s passion and commitment to You during that time."

~Dr. Faith - Chiropractor & Master Trainer

"Within minutes of watching your training, I was already inspired and full of ideas of how to use your Asana templates in my business.

I loved the insight into how different people choose to organize their processes, and how these templates are SO well thought out and adaptable. The inspiration from how you organize yourself is more than I could have come up with on my own. Super excited to apply this to my business!"

~Dara Sklar, Certified Master Marketer

"Wendy did a presentation for my membership group and it was such a hit.

We learned SO MUCH about how to organize our businesses. Wendy provided a ton of content, and delivered it in a way that was accessible and easy to understand. She really has a knack for teaching and presenting. She was energetic and so knowledgeable. If you’re looking for a systems guru who keeps it fun, Wendy is who you want!"

~Anabelle Malcolm, Copywriter & Copy Coach

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