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Tech & Software Needed To Host a Successful Micro Audio Summit™️

Let's walk through the software that you'll want to use to create the best listening experience for your attendees, and the least amount of work for you.

Before you begin production on your Micro Audio Summit, or sign-up for any new software, take inventory and evaluate what you already have in your tech stack that you're paying for or have subscriptions to!

The purpose behind this system is to keep it as simple as possible. Yes... there is some software and tech involved.

I don't know many lead-generation systems that work as quickly as this one that doesn't involve some software.

However, the Micro Audio Summit Framework was designed with ease-of-use in mind. And if you've been running an online business for six months or longer, you will most likely have a software solution already in use.

Here are the software and tech tools needed to successfully host a Micro Audio Summit.

This system is software agnostic.

That said, when you invest in the Micro Audio Summit System 2.0, I reference and offer bonus trainings on the software that I use most.

Use the software that's already being used in your daily business so that you don't incur extra expenses that aren't necessary.

Software that you most likely use in your business already that you can use for your Micro Audio Summit...

Website or Landing Page Software

It doesn't matter which website or landing page software you use in your daily business. Whether you're hosting on Wordpress, or have a Squarespace website, as long as you can make new pages and collect registrant information for your Micro Audio Summit, it's all good.

I use LeadPages for my landing pages. If you decide to use LeadPages, you'll get my pre-made templates with the System. It will save you at least 10-15 hours of work.

Google Drive or Dropbox

You'll want to keep the assets for your Micro Audio Summit well-organized, and shareable.

I use Google Drive to store all of the materials from speakers and promotional assets for speakers.

Project Management Tool like Asana or Trello

Whether you're hosting a small-scale Micro Audio Summit or a big in-person event (and anything in between), I always recommend that you use a project management tool.

You don't want anything to slip through the cracks in any part of your business, and so having a project and task tool that you can rely on is mandatory!

I use and recommend the free version of ASANA. However, if you already have a great system or software you love - lean in hard and KEEP USING IT!

Canva or a Graphic-creation Software

Many people know (and love) Canva, and since the platform has a free option, it's a perfect tool for the graphics you'll need to create for your virtual summit.

If you decide to use Canva, there are pre-made promotional templates in the Micro Audio Summit System for you to use.

Scheduling Software like Calendly or Acuity

Make it easy for your Speakers to schedule their interviews with you by using a scheduling software like Calendly, Acuity, etc. (I've even seen one called Tiny Cal in Appsumo).

If you don't already have a software like this, then offer your speakers a few time options to choose from, and manually send them calendar invites.

Email Marketing Platform

This is essential! After all, the purpose of hosting a high-quality, high-engaging Micro Audio Summit is to build your email list.

So if you don't already use an email marketing platform, it's time to make the investment - not just for your Micro Audio Summit, but for the long-term health of your business!

The software that you'll want to invest in...

Private Audio Hosting Platform

One of the biggest draws to hosting a Micro Audio Summit is that is accessible and portable like a podcast. And you want to be able to control who has listening access.

For this to be the best, most seamless experience for your attendee-listeners, you need to use a platform designed for hosting private audio feeds.

I use and recommend HelloAudio for all of my audio-hosting needs. When you purchase the Micro Audio Summit System, there are bonus training videos on how to set up and use HelloAudio. {Use code WENDY10 at checkout and save!}

Audio/Video Editing Software

Unless you're a one-take wonder, you'll probably need your speaker interviews cleaned up and edited a bit.

I usually do it myself using a software called Descript.
This makes it as easy as editing a word doc - I'm not kidding!

I use Descript for editing FB Lives and video presentations, slide presentations, Clubhouse recordings... You name... I edit with it. This is one of the best software investments I've ever made! (And it also creates a transcript.)

However, if you're strapped for time or just not interested in doing your editing in-house, reach out to me and I'll give you the name of my audio editor.

Most of the software I've noted is most likely being used almost daily in your business already if you're not just beginning your journey.

However if you are just getting started, and the tech-of-it-all feels overwhelming... Take a deep breath; commit to your growth; and commit to starting.

And you can reach out to me to discuss how to get the the support you need!

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