Business Management & Operations Expert for Established Entrepreneurs





You're an entrepreneur, and founder & CEO of your a multi-6-figure service-based or ecommerce business. 

You've experienced success with your service offerings and digital or physical products, and are ready 2X your growth and revenue. 

You have customers knocking on your door, a team that supports you, and big goals to expand your company.

But you have a problem...  

You don't have a solid game plan for scaling your growth, and you're time is already maxed out.

You've become trapped in all the details of running your business instead of being focused on growing your business.

You’re spending too much time stuck in the day-to-day minutia instead of focusing your time on future growth. And because of this, you're business has plateaued or you've hit a growth ceiling.

The good news is you can move past the plateau, break through this ceiling, AND reclaim your freedom while you continue to grow your business.


I'm a seasoned Business Management Consultant with more than 20 years of experience running my own 6-figure businesses, working with New York Times Best-Selling author Marianne Williamson, and managing million-dollar marketing budgets for tech giants like GotoMeeting.

I partner with you and your team to take guess-work out of managing your business, and help you implement a system for scalable growth.


We work together to strengthen the foundation of your business, leverage your team, 2X your revenue, and expand your impact and freedom.

You have freedom and time to focus on new opportunities that double your growth.

Your team is more productive and fully aligned to the growth of your business because roadblocks and bottlenecks are removed from the day-to-day processes.  

Your business is thriving and the ceiling that held you down has been lifted!

“Wendy helped me to completely transform my business systems in less than a week! " 

"Wendy Breakstone is a GENIUS with helping entrepreneurs setup the business systems needed to launch or expand your coaching program.

With Wendy's mentoring, I implemented an entire system to invite prospects to my private coaching program, schedule interviews, and receive payment easily. I had a full private roster in just two months. She knows exactly how to support entrepreneurs with choosing the right strategies and systems to create simplicity that looks professional.”


In my experience working with multi-6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs and CEOs, I've uncovered 3 4 BIG LIES that these business owners repeatedly tell themselves that keep them stuck:

#1 - Nobody can possibly do this work as good as me. Actually, you're the biggest bottleneck in your business. If you want to create a scalable business, you must have the right operating structure in place that removes you from the daily details.  

#2 - I'll hire a virtual assistant and that will solve my problems. Virtual assistants are a great asset. But tasks must be delgated to them and decided for them. VAs are not decision-makers. They are your GSD (get sh*t done) person, but they are always going to be looking to you for guidance.  

#3 - I'll throw more money at marketing or create a new funnel. YOU DO NOT HAVE A MARKETING PROBLEM. You wouldn't have gotten this far if this was a marketing problem or you needed new funnel. (You have a fundamental operations problem.)  

#4 - I can't afford it. I'll work more and eventually it'll get easier. Taking your business to that next level growth demands investment. And if you do it all yourself, it will NEVER GET EASIER.

Now be honest. Do these lies sound familiar?  

This Could be Your "New Normal"

  • Starting each day relaxed because you're not stressing-out about all the things you didn't complete the day before
  • Having the the freedom to explore new ideas and opportunities
  • Taking a long holiday or cutting back to 4-day work weeks because you're confident in your team's abilty to execute

Will you be one of those entrepreneurs who looks successful OR is successful

If your ready to double your revenue, simplify your business, and reclaim your freedom, I invite you to discover how The S.C.A.L.E. Model will change the way you double your success.

Think of your business like a house that sits on solid foundation. You can add a 2nd-story addition, decorate the house, and invite people into your house.

But what would happen if there were cracks in the foundation or the framework wasn't solid? Your house would not be strong enough to support the the extra weight of expansion.

This is the same for your business too. Without a strong, solid foundation, you can't scale or expand.

When you implement The S.C.A.L.E. Model into your business, you're strengthening and streamlining the foundation that supports the growth of your business. I developed this simple, effective framework for entrepreneurs that need a simple model to follow. 

Using The S.C.A.L.E. Model as your roadmap, we implement this business management system into your business over 90-day blocks of time.

STRENGTHEN your systems and foundation to remove bottlenecks.

  • Simplify and update systems or processes that are outdated
  • Uncover and remove the bottlenecks or roadblocks 
  • Define meeting and calendar boundaries and update scheduling procedures
  • Review and update prospect pipeline and client information management systems
  • Automate slow manual processes that do not require CEO involvement
  • Setup or enhance metrics dashboards and track KPIs and milestones
  • Define the goals and outcomes for the next 90 days  

COMMIT to your business' One Main Thing.

  • Proclaim your One Main Thing (OMT) that sets your business apart for your competitors
  • Define the "big goals that support the OMT 
  • Plan and align the objectives, strategies, and actions needed to achieve the big goals
  • Remove distractions and "shiny objects" that detract focus from the OMT

The OMT is vital to the health of your business because it becomes the main focus that the entire business revolves around, removing you from being the center of everything.  

ALIGN your actions to the One Main Thing.

  • Track and audit your tasks using the 3D exercise - Do It, Delegate It, or Ditch It
  • Remove actions from your plate that don't support the OMT or can be delegated to a team member
  • Begin to remove yourself from the "nucleus of your business and the "air-traffic-control" position  

LEVERAGE your team to remove yourself from day-to-day details.

  • Put the right people in the right seats doing the right work (RP/RS Mix)
  • Audit the work performed by your team using the 3D exercise
  • Automate where manual systems or are slow and not efficient
  • Create workflows that support outstandingprojects and tasks completion
  • Create a schedule for and implement weekly leadership and team rhythm meetings  

EXPAND your impact, freedom, revenue, and reach.

  • Identify new revenue streams that support the OMT
  • Implement your 4-day work week
  • Test new marketing opportunities to broaden reach



DONE-WITH-YOU Business Managment Consulting

1:1 private consulting and training as you begin to implement the Scalable Success System into your business.  


  • 1:1 weekly CEO consulting calls to walk you through implementing the System
  • Get started deep-dive meeting to outline goals for the next 90 days
  • Weekly homework to keep your implementation on track
  • Access to me via text or Voxer for you between our weekly calls
  • Scalable Success System framework (includes eBook with worksheets, trackers, goal setting templates and more) 


DONE-FOR-YOU Business Management Implementation 

Implementation and business management leadership and training for your business using the Scalable Success System.


  • Hands-on implementation and Virtual Operations Leadership
  • Quarterly Objectives, Strategies & Actions Planning you
  • Weekly CEO Sync-Ups with you
  • Weekly action calls with your team
  • Access to me via, Slack, text and Voxer for you and your team
  • Scalable Success System framework (includes eBook with worksheets, trackers, goal setting templates and more)


This Is for You if:

  • Your business is established and profitable (mid 6-7 figures/annual), but your growth has plateaued or stalled-out.  
  • You've had rapid, exponential growth and are having trouble scaling fast enough.  
  • You realize that you are the bottleneck in your business and team's productivity, and know you get out of the way.  
  • Your team constantly coming to you for approval or to make decisions because they lack ownership.  
  • Your family, friends, partner or spouse are not happy with you because you're "always missing out" on the good moments.  
  • You're ready to enjoy the success and have the freedom you dreamed of when you started your business.

This is Not For You if:

  • You're not prepared to make a strategic investment of time and money into your long-term scalable growth.
  • You're not making a consistent $300k+ annually.
  • You're looking for a quick marketing hack.
  • You can't imagine not micromanaging every detail in your business.
  • You're perfectly content staying where you are and not growing.

"Wendy is amazing at listening to your needs and putting together systems and processes that help your business excel!

She has out-of-the-box solutions for business growth and savvy ways to draw in ideal clients. She takes the time needed and is super considerate in getting to know how your business is running now and what your vision is for the future.  

Bottom line, you get business solutions, great ways to attract your ideal clients to build your business, and Wendy’s passion and commitment to You during that time."


Successful entrepreneurs like you tell me all the time how they'd love to stop being the bottleneck in their business and have more freedom to expand on opportunities!

This is exactly why I developed the SCALABLE SUCCESS SYSTEM - so that you can strengthen your business and double your review without extra work or burnout!

About me: I'm a Business Management Consultant and Operations Expert to 6- & 7-figure entrepreneurs who want to 2x their success while creating more freedom in their life. I help you CEOs remove the roadblocks that will slow down and stall-out even the most successful businesses. 

I've helped dozens of entrepreneurs and companies including best-selling author Marianne Williamson, celebrity entrepreneurs, and managed million-dollar marketing budgets for high-tech companies like GoToMeeting and GoToWebinar.

Take The Next Step...

Imagine making MORE money, and spending MORE time doing the work you actully love, and spending less time being the bottleneck in your business.  

(I know this sounds good to you because you're at the bottom of this page.)

When we partner to create your SCALABLE SUCCESS, you'll be able to confidently focus on your time and attention on attracting more high-ticket clients, creating new revenue opportunities, and reclaiming your freedom!


"Wendy helped me create and launch two successful online coaching programs in under three months."

"From the software to use, to pricing the programs and marketing the launch, to all the small details that most people don’t even think of, Wendy has helped me build this dream into a thriving business that I can easily scale.