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How to Reuse & Get the Most Out of Your Summit Content

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{Video Transcript} I want to talk about what to do with all of your awesome summit content after your summit is over. So we create these big summit. Big summits or Micro Audio Summits™️, or somewhere in between. And then after the fact, we kind of just set it aside and don't realize that we just created like a library full of reusable repurposable content.

So today I want to get. Three ways that you can reuse your summit content. Before I dive in, if you don't know me, my name is Wendy Breakstone. I am the creator of the micro audio summit framework, and I'm an audio summit coach who helps online coaches and course creators use my micro audio summit system to build their audience authority and email list in record time and create a surge of new leads to their email list that then they can convert to.

Amazing loyal clients, which in the end, that's what we all want. Right. More amazing loyal, highly targeted clients. And that's what the micro audio summit system is going to bring you. So a lot of times we create all this. We have this amazing summit and a micro audio summit. For instance, you have four to seven interviews.

They're highly, highly educational interviews. They deep dive they're full of golden nuggets. Then your summit is over and you go into maybe launch mode or you start promoting something. And then when it's all over, you're like, huh. Now what am I going to now? What am I going to talk? Well, you have all of this amazing content from your summit.

You just need to know how to reuse it. So here are a few ideas that I wanted to share with you today. Now, number one, after your summit is over. Okay. Let's say you do your first micro audio summit and you're planning on doing. You know, several of them and you're just going to keep running a series of micro audio summits.

The first thing you can do is very simple, and that is for your second and third in any ancillary summit that you do, you can offer the, uh, the registered attendees of that next summit. Access to your first summit. It's super easy. You don't have to basically repurpose anything. You just have to set up a quick automation and give your new registrants for a new summit access to your old summit.

It is super, super easy, and you can use it as like a value add. You can call it a bonus. You can call it whatever you want, but you don't even have to dive into the content. You just basically give them access and then tell them about it and an amazing email that you're going to send them. So that's number one.

Number two is if you have a micro audio summit, which you don't sell, when registration is open for your micro audio summit, it's free for registering and you don't take access away. But after the registration window closes, inevitably, there's going to be some of those people that are like, oh, I got. I couldn't register in time.

They have FOMO, whatever it is. Well, what you can do with your micro audio summit after the fact, and keep it intact is you can use it as a trip wire and a lead magnet funnel. You can use it as an order bump and an existing low ticket offer funnel. Or you can just straight. Sell it as a low ticket offer, you can tell people, oh, I'd love to give you access.

You know, I want to stay in integrity. You miss the free registration window. Um, the free, you know, people that registered during the window get access indefinitely for free, but here it is for $7 here, you can buy it for $17 or $7 or whatever, and you just create a new low ticket offer and sell it for a low ticket.

And that just shows people that. You want to register when the free registration window is open, but they can still get access.

It's a, win-win basically it's, well-worth the $17. It's it's worth tons more than that. So far, I've given you two ways that you can just take your, your micro audio summit or your summit in entirety and just repurpose the whole thing.

So you don't even have to break it down. Okay. You don't have to like dig into it or anything like that. I'm going to give you one more way. Um, to use your micro audio summit intact so that you don't have to break it down or dive into repurposing the content. And this is going to be like a bonus. Cause there is one more way after this that I want to share with you.

So you could either offer it for like a very tiny limited time. So let's say a month after your summit, you have a Facebook group where you have some sort of community. Or you've just got new people on your email list. You could do like a flash registration window. So you could send out an email or announce it in your group that for the next six hours or 12 hours, you're opening up registration for that summit.

Now I highly recommend that you wait a month or so at least just to give it some time. So the people that did. Um, register when the first registration window was open, that you have time to cultivate them into your programs, products, or services, but after the fact, you know, six weeks later, or before your next micro audio summit, for instance, you can have one of these kind of like flash freebie registration windows, just make it really like a tight period of time, like six hours or 12 hours or 24 hours.

And then. Okay. So those were three ways that you can use your summit as a whole and not even have to like break it up or spend a lot of time. It's basically an email and a little bit of like tweaking your automation a little bit. The next thing that you can do. Is, you can get a little more fancy with the content and you can create audio grams with the content.

You can pull out, pull quotes from each speaker and create graphics and do social media. Or one of the things that I love to do is do an email Roundup or a blog Roundup. And this is my friend Jana O, from Jenna oh Media. She's a Pinterest expert. And she does a lot of roundups in her blogs. And. I thought, wait - you could just do a Roundup, an email as well.

And that would look like pulling out a quote or a little paragraph from each of your speaker interviews and rounding them up together. And this does two things. One is you can send it to everybody on your list. People that didn't register for your micro audio summit, new people that have come in since registration for your micro audio summit, and for people that did register and here's.

Number one is you can send it to people who registered after the fact and remind them that they have access to all of this great stuff so that if they didn't have time to dive in or binge listen, when you, when you released your summit, you now have time to, um, go back and remarket to them and they will have time to listen.

So the Roundup shows them like, oh yeah, I really wanted to listen to that one interview with so-and-so or maybe at the time they weren't. Did and what that so-and-so was talking about, but maybe they're interested in it now. So that's a really cool thing. The other thing is, is that you can send the Roundup of the quotes to people that didn't register.

And that does a couple of things. You will have people on your email list potentially from before your summit, that just weren't interested in the summit and they didn't register well. You can kind of plant a seed with them. Like, Hey, you need to register next time or keep a lookout because I may or may not be having a freebie flash registration window in a couple of days, keep your eyes peeled to your email or something like that.

Also you will have people that are joining your Facebook group or your email list after you've stopped promoting the summit. And so they might not know about it. And this is a great way to let them know some of the types of content that you create and why. When, and if you have a, like a freebie flash site, That they will want to grab it when they can.

So those are three plus ways that you can repurpose your micro audio summit information. Okay. You've got your summit. Your summit is over. Whether it's a micro audio summit or whatever, use that content, you probably have so much content that you won't need to even create new content again, until you sit down to record your next micro audio summit.

So with that, my friends, I'm going to say have a great. I hope that this has resonated with you. I have more ways that you can repurpose your micro audio summit, but I just wanted to give you a few, a few nifty tidbits so that you could really start thinking about it. And I will be sharing the other ways that you can reuse and repurpose your summits.

Be it a virtual summit or a micro media summit in the future. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment. Please, let me know if you watch the replay of this and you can also hit me up in DMS, but I look forward to hearing you and seeing you again soon.

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