Work smarter not harder.

Using the right software and tools (your tech stack) can save you time, energy, and frustration! These are the tools that I use inside my business daily to enhance our work and bring ease into everyday tasks.


There are a lot of funnel and site builders out there...
And I've tried them all! I chose LeadPages because it's affordable, flexible, and it gets the job done.

Plus, you can build websites with navbars (with zero coding), in addition to standalone landing pages. I use their direct integration with ActiveCampaign and it ensures that I capture every lead seamlessly.
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How many email marketing and automation tools have you tried? I've tried ALOT and after landing on ActiveCampaign, I never looked back. Currently, I use the Lite plan, but if you also need a powerful CRM that has seamless integration w/ your email, I highly recommend you go to the Pro plan.
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HelloAudio has taken recorded audio distribution to the next level!

I found HelloAudio when I started my search for the perfect audio hosting platform for my audio-only Rule-Breakers Summit... This platform allows you to control who has access to your podcast, audio-only course or training, etc. Give it a try!
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This. Is. INSANE! and its copywriting robot, Jarvis, have changed the copy-game for me! From ad copy to emails, to blog posts, and everything in between, I've never met an AI quite as amazing as Jarvis.

I've gone from dreading the blank page to know I can write really great copy in literally seconds with the help of Jarvis. And its fun!
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Easy transcription doesn't need to be expensive.

I use to transcribe all of my interviews with speakers and meetings. They also have a direct integration with Zoom.
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If you have an FB group and use the questions to capture email addresses and monitor incoming members and you want to grow your list, then GroupFunnels is a must-have!

This simple Chrome extension captures the member question data into a spreadsheet that can integrate directly into your email marketing software. And it's a one-time fee. GroupFunnels is truly a no-brainer.
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Handsdown the most flexible and AFFORDABLE cart and checkout platform out there. With subscription and payment-plan options, order bumps and upsells, and built-in affiliate tracking and payouts, the one-time fee is is the best investment you'll make.

I use this software daily, and love that it integrates directly with slack, Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, and more!
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Asana is my go-to project management tool. I've tried the others and for my team, and my clients, there's nothing that compares to the features and flexibility of Asana.

Plus you can use the FREE plan and it will be more than able to handle your project and task management needs. Tip: use Asana as a notebook or binder for all your business-related links and information including SOPs, program logins, speaking opportunities, prospect pipeline, client management and tons more!
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I'm no graphic artist, but with Canva I'm able to experiment and enjoy the creative process. If by some chance you aren't already using Canva, I highly recommend that you signup for the Pro plan. You'll get the Brand Kit features which will save you so much time and energy!
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