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Using the right software and tools will save you time, energy, and frustration! The tools and software below are the ones I use in my business every day.


Ditch the expensive, cumbersome software and streamline your entire business with CEO SIMPLE™️. This one-stop business platform simplifies your marketing, sales, and course management into one cohesive system.

Make the switch to SIMPLE and lock into Founding Member pricing.
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HelloAudio has taken private audio distribution to the next level!

I found HelloAudio when I started my search for the perfect audio hosting platform for my Audio Summit... This platform allows you to control who has access to your podcast, audio-only course or training, etc.
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Need a quick, EASY way to edit audio files or videos without the complicated tech?

Descript is the perfect editing platform for the non-editor! It's an all-in-one audio & video editing, as easy as editing a doc. This is one of my most favorite tools and makes anyone an audio editing pro!
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Want to create step-by-step training guides or help docs but taking dozens of screenshots feels sooo yesterday?

Then Scribe is for you! You can quickly click-to-capture any process or training walkthrough -- then share a link or embed the Scribe into a web page. Its super easy and removes the video piece.
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Handsdown the most flexible and AFFORDABLE cart and checkout platform out there. With subscription and payment-plan options, order bumps and upsells, and built-in affiliate tracking and payouts, the one-time fee is is the best investment you'll make.

I use this software daily, and love that it integrates directly with slack, Google Sheets, ActiveCampaign, and more!
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If you have an FB group and use the questions to capture email addresses and monitor incoming members ~ and you want to grow your list, then GroupLeads is a must-have!

This Chrome extension captures the member question data into a spreadsheet and integrates directly to your email marketing software. Plus it will send a welcome message and some other nifty features! (note: when you pay annually, its comes out to less than $8/mo!
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Easy transcription doesn't need to be expensive.

I use to transcribe all of my interviews with speakers and meetings. They also have a direct integration with Zoom.
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I'm no graphic artist, but with Canva I'm able to experiment and enjoy the creative process. If by some chance you aren't already using Canva, I highly recommend that you signup for the Pro plan. You'll get the Brand Kit features which will save you so much time and energy!
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Turn Lurkers to Leads with the
Micro Audio Summit
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Ditch the outdated, overused marketing strategies and commit to simple audience-building growth!

Get your own complete reliable, repeatable LEAD-GEN SYSTEM packed with step-by-step training, templates, and trackers that will fast-track growth and fill your pipeline with hot leads in just a few weeks.