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Do you struggle to scale your business the way you imagined
because you don't have a big following or sizable email list?

Have you been told to start a podcast or video channel,
but it's so much work and the leads are so inconsistent that you're ready to give up?

Or are you trying to show up EVERYWHERE - on all the social media platforms and do all the things
but you're burnt-out and you're still not seeing sustainable growth?

You can reduce your marketing efforts, and focus on a proven high-impact strategy.

Here's what nobody wants to tell you...

If you're like me and thousands of other online coaches, and course creators, you've tried these strategies before:

  • Spending months planning and executing a full-scale, traditional video summit.
  • Jumping onto the endless podcasting hamster wheel.
  • Creating a YouTube channel that can take years to establish and grow.
  • Offering evergreen or live webinars hoping to grow on your own, or spending thousands of dollars on ads.


Followers are NOT leads until they join your email list.

But you can turn followers into engaged leads while you build your audience, authority, and email list with a Micro Audio Summit.

But you can turn those Lurkers into Leads with a Micro Audio Summit.

It's vital to have an audience that builds your authority and credibility. And there will always be "lurkers" who eventually come out of the woodwork.

However, in order to create sustainable growth, you need those audience members and lurkers to "raise their hand" (aka - join your email list) and express their interest.

When you offer them real education delivered through your Micro Audio Summit, you're giving them a free, highly valuable reason to join your email list.

What makes Micro Audio Summits so effective

You gain free access to Other People's Audiences.
Micro Audio Summits are the perfect way to build an audience in collaboration with other experts, speakers, and business owners. It’s a win-win for everyone.

You won’t burn out or commit yourself to a never-ending strategy.
Audio summits have a beginning date and an end date and don’t require constant production or years to build an audience and show up in search.

You get leads right away.
Most of the marketing tactics that are out there take a long time to build your email list and get clients into your business.

Micro Audio Summits accelerate this journey by getting leads onto your email list from the start.

You create your own Platform of Authority.
Instead of waiting for an invitation to someone else's stage, you create your own opportunities for growth. This positions you as a leader in the minds of your audience, and speakers.

Main Features of the Micro Audio Summit Framework

  • 4-7 speakers in the summit - no one is overwhelmed
  • You release the interviews at the same time and day; no crazy schedule
  • It's 100% free for all attendees - no VIP Pass upsell
  • Takes 6-weeks or less to create, launch and get a surge of new email signups on your list!

Want more details? Watch this video.

Don't My Word for It...


“Wendy’s Micro Audio Summit Toolkit is such an easy way to plan, start and create an Audio Summit.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to figure this all out by myself and I can just follow the plan she’s already laid out for me. This saved me so much time and the tools are so organized.
~ Annabelle Bayhan, Business Marketing Coach

"Your Micro Audio Summit program is off the charts amazing I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time."

~ Dr. Laura Cobb, Leadership Coach


"I've been given templates, checklists, and swipes as part of other programs, but this is the most amount of templates and checklists that I've received --but I don't feel overwhelmed, compared to other programs.

There's so much clarity baked in, and attention to detail, not only in terms of making it organized and clear, but also how you thought about the person reading it."
~ Ex Powanpongkul, Marketing Agency Owner

“The Micro Audio Summit Toolkit has been by far one of the best roadmaps & frameworks that I have experienced for business growth…”

~ Joyce Moon, Health Coach

Micro Audio Summits are the perfect marketing strategy for Online Coaches & Course Creators in these niches...

Branding & Marketing
Social Media
Health & Wellness
Fitness & Nutrition
Personal Development & Life Changes
Executive Leadership
Spiritual & Faith-Based

Service-based Entrepreneurs
And more!

This is NOT just another course that will sit collecting dust.
This is a complete marketing system.

You can create a reliable, easy-to-repeat lead-generation machine that multiplies your email list and fills your pipeline in less than 6 weeks!

This is a complete, 10-step, plug-n-play lead-generation system that gives you the training, templates, and trackers you need to create a high-value Micro Audio Summit that:

  • Expands your audience and authority lightning fast
  • Turbocharges your email list growth with high-converting lead
  • Positions you as the authoritative expert in your industry to attendees, power partners, and industry colleagues

You'll save more than 40 hours of time and eliminate any frustration or overwhelm because everything you need is included and trainings to show you how to get it done.


Every training, template, and tracker in the Micro Audio Summit Toolkit & System is designed to work seamlessly together to save you time and money.

What's included...

You get immediate access to:

Summit Project Tracker & Training (value $2,997)
This is the lifeblood of your summit project, and will keep you on time every step of the way without anything falling through the cracks. Each task is mapped out with an auto-calculating due dates based on your Summit go-live date.

Strategic Planner Workbook & Training (value $2,597)
Thinking through your goals and creating your roadmap for success before you dive into tasks is a huge time-saver. This Planner Workbook is based on the 10-step framework and will guide you through each decision during Summit production.

Speaker Tracker & Training (value $1,997)
Keep your speaker's deliverables organized from the moment you pitch speakers through to capturing all of their materials. Comes in two formats with a pre-built questionnaire.

Planning Calendar Templates & Training (value $297)
The Planning Calendar shows you how to maximize the number of Micro Audio Summits you can host, and when to launch your products, programs, or service following. Or adjust the calendar based on pre-existing launches.

Folder Structure System + Training (value $297)
Use this prebuilt, ready-to-import folder structure system to keep all of your assets organized and easy for you to find.

Speaker Agreement (value $297)
Being transparent with your Speakers about your expectations and what they get is completely outlined in this easy-to-update template.

Speaker Questionnaire Form Fields (value $147)
Get the right information from your Speakers upfront so there's no guesswork on your part. Easy for you to use in your favorite form software.

Registration Page Outline & Copy (value $267)
No more second-guessing what the layout of your page should be. Use the outline template and examples to craft your Summit Registration Page fast!

Speaker Information Page Copy (value $ 297)
Bring your potential Speakers to a page where they can find out about your Summit and fill out the questionnaire. Use this template


To save you even more time throughout the production of your Micro Audio Summit, the Promote-Your-Summit Powerpack Bonus will fast-track the creation of email writing, web page building, and promo graphics.

When you use these templates and swipe files, you'll be 85% of the way done creating your promotional materials for you and your speakers.

Pre-made LeadPages Templates (value $597)
Get access to pre-built summit templates. Import directly into your LeadPages account, or use them as the guide to building in your landing page software.

Email Swipe Files Bundle (value $397)
Just fill in your Summit details and be ready to send emails! Inside the bundle, you get:
- Pre-Registration Promo Email Sequence
- Attendee Registered Welcome Email
- Attendee Morning of Summit Email
- Speaker Pitch Invite Email & Direct Message template
- Speaker You’ve Been Accepted Email

Canva Promo Graphics Templates (value $297)
Use these pre-made social media templates to save time!
Simply update with your Summit details, brand colors, and speaker headshots. Then send them to your Speakers for the promo phase of your summit!

{Total Value of Toolkit + Bonuses: $10,484}

Get the complete System plus bonuses for just $397.

Save $100 before the time runs out.


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This is for You because...

  • You want to shrink all of your marketing efforts and focus on one proven, reliable, repeatable strategy that delivers results in less than six weeks.
  • You value your time more than anything, and want to fast-track your success instead of trying to figure it out on your own!
    You'll save more than 40 hours of time because everything has been created and tested for you. We've taken the guesswork out of creating your Micro Audio Summit by giving you everything you.
  • You know the fortune is in owning an engaged your email list! And you're committed to building yours...
    Building an engaged, active email list will is one of the most valuable assets of your business and a significant factor in long-term scalable growth.


You save$100 now on the complete Micro Audio Summit Toolkit!

Attendees LOVE Audio-Only Summits!

Meet your Audio Summit Coach.

I'm Wendy Breakstone - Audio Marketing & Summit Strategist for female coaches and creators who want to use audio strategies to stand out as the expert and land more clients with ease.

For the past 18+ years, I've consulted and mentored dozens and dozens of service-based entrepreneurs and business owners who need marketing and operations support in order to create sustainable, long-lasting growth.

It's this compilation of expertise in marketing, media, and event production that has led me to develop the Micro Audio Summit Framework in order to help others host their own high-impact successful event.

Got Questions?

Who does the Micro Audio Summit work for?
If you're a service-based entrepreneur, online coach, program or course create the Micro Audio Summit System is PERFECT for you.

How are the materials delivered?
The Training, templates and trackers are available via the program portal and you can make copies right from Google Drive.

You'll log into our member platform, access the links and find quick tutorial-style videos for your review.

Can you help me create my Micro Audio Summit?
YES! We offer VIP support including live weekly training and accountability support in The Accelerator 8-week program.

If I don't like the program, can I get a refund?
Because of the immediate access, you get and digital downloads that we make available upon your purchase, we do not offer refunds.

Can I share the Micro Audio Summit Toolkit with my clients?
You are purchasing a personal, single-use license for your business only.

If you have an agency model and would like to use the Micro Audio Summit Toolkit and framework materials for other clients, please schedule a call to learn about multi-use licenses.

We also have an affiliate program available to people who have purchased The Toolkit.

Send an email to hello{at} to learn more.