We'll eliminate more than 50% of the time and effort it's taking you now. And you won't spend a dime on ads.

Ditch the outdated, bloated lead-gen strategies.

Build a repeatable lead-generation system and client-conversion machine that doubles your offer enrollments.

Leads On-Demand is a 6-month, private marketing-focused coaching and implementation program with Wendy Breakstone.


Ditch the outdated, bloated
 lead-gen strategies.

We'll eliminate more than 50% of the time and effort it's taking you now. And you won't spend a dime on ads.

Leads On-Demand is a 6-month, private Coaching and Implementation Program with Wendy Breakstone.

hundreds of new leads filling your email list on-demand...

{How would that change your business?}

It's time to do something different.

You’ve created dozens of freebies, and posted everywhere...
But none brought in consistent leads who converted to clients reliably.

You've started a podcast to get people onto your list...
But only got drips and drabs of signups and got burnt out on the time spent producing it.

You’ve hosted bloated, time-intensive virtual summits and multi-day events...
But were so exhausted afterwards you couldn't onboard new clients.

And you’ve thrown thousands of dollars down the drain on FB ads…
But all you got were freebie-seekers who unsubscribed.

Throughout your business, you've tried all the strategies to get leads and sales consistently...

Sound familiar?

As a seasoned coach or business owner, you know it's crucial to have a proven, FOUNDATIONAL marketing system that brings you leads consistently.

(Leads are the lifeblood of a profitable, healthy business.)

Unfortunately, it feels more like sludging through mud because you're using slow-growth strategies that take too much time.

These strategies may create brand awareness - but not leads who become clients - FAST.

that they might currently be facing

that they might currently be facing

Here’s what happens when you have hundreds of leads filling your funnel regularly...

New enrollments become quick, easy, and effortless because you have HOT leads watching and buying.

You have your best launch yet! More people booking calls, less objections, and your biggest enrollment revenue numbers.

You no longer feel like you’re saying “choose me." Instead, you'll have your pick of dream clients to choose from.

You will stop waiting for referrals ~ and will be signing NEW clients into your offers on repeat without the revenue rollercoaster.

- Jana o. , Content Strategist & Pinterest Educator

Proven Client Results...

My 2nd Micro Audio Summit brought me 800+ sign ups! I now have a huge EDGE going into 2024 with this System because it's a reliable, repeatable way to bring a slew of qualified leads to my list whenever I want. I know  that I double the sales of my signature offer with this!

I added 408 leads to my email list! Since this was my 2nd Micro Audio Summit, I spent way less time. And I can attribute more than $33k in revenue to this event.”

~Marion, Business Coach

We hit 2,020 signups!  I’m so excited! And the feedback has been very positive!”

~ROBEN-MARIE, ARTIST & mentor for artists

Leads On-Demand is a 6-month, 1:1, coaching and implementation program that takes you through the L3 Profit System to create your repeatable, low-lift lead-generation and client-conversion system. 


It's time for...

how we create leads, leverage, & loyal clients...


Create & Host Your Micro Audio Summit

We’ll use this ultra-engaging, proven, and low-lift system to bring 100-1,000 high-quality leads into your community.

Together, we’ll plan a unique, and in-demand event topic that builds your authority + brings quality leads onto your email list.

If your marketing calendar is already planned, we can easily plug-in your Micro Audio Summits at the perfect time to maximize your planned launches and sales pushes!


Implement Your Email Engagement Campaign

We’ll continue to build on the momentum created from your Micro Audio Summits by creating eye-catching content that keeps the attention of your new and existing leads. This gets them excited to take the next step with you.

Even if you’re new to leveraging your email marketing to drive sales, you'll have guidance and support from me to ensure your promotions are optimized to drive the right leads to buy.



Turn Your Leads Into Loyal Clients with a Conversion Event

Now that your leads know, love, and trust you from your Micro Audio Summits, they are fire-hot!

Let's keep their attention on you! It's time to host a rave-worthy conversion event that invites your hot leads to become your loyal, paying clients.

We'll work together to plan a simple, effective enrollment event that creates a natural "next step" for your warm Micro Audio Summit leads to become your loyal clients.

We repeat this process together two times over six months. You'll be able to attract quality leads, sell to your newly-expanded audience, and have a rinse-and-repeat system you can use EVERY time you need leads overflow and sales in your business.



expect big results.

Using the Micro Audio Summit System, you’ll host a branded event that gets you in front of new audiences + brings 100s of leads in just 6 weeks.

You’ll host high-quality interviews that position you as a leading expert, build your authority, and build INSTANT trust in you and your expertise.

You’ll then host a conversion event that builds excitement in your programs, and serves as the perfect invitation into your paid offers. 

We’ll run this System together TWO TIMES over 6-months. That way you can feel confident you have a low-lift, turnkey lead-gen system you can rely on for the LIFETIME of your business.





Working with Wendy was absolutely amazing. I got the guidance and coaching I needed using her Micro Audio Summit System.

kelley, Curriculum & Course Strategist

"The System was so simple to follow. The training and templates are well planned out and structured beautifully. It made it really simple and something that was easy and beneficial at the same time.

"I went from almost 0 people on my list to adding 137 aligned leads using the Micro Audio Summit System. It was a perfect fit!

rhysa, Life & Business Empowerment Mentor

I started working with Wendy right after I made a pivot in my business. I was starting a new email list from scratch and was looking for a strategy to get people onto my email list - and also in a way that let me collaborate with other business owners. The best part is that you can re-use the System every 6-8 weeks and bring in new leads to your email list. I couldn't be happier with my results."

I brought in more than 100 new leads [with my first Micro Audio Summit] and re-engaged my current email list. I've already signed a new client who found me through my summit - which means I already made my ROI!

Samantha , messaging Coach

This is your lead-generation and list-building system. All of the step-by-step lessons, templates, and trackers are available anytime. You can “implement as you go” and always know exactly what your next task is.

Signature Micro Audio Summit System

what's included in leads on-demand...

I’ll be right by your side for your first  two Micro Audio Summits. Each time we’ll kickstart with a Planning Session to chart your goals and set the strategy for the event. We’ll create custom roadmap that ensures you will continue to multiply your leads and conversions effortlessly!

Private Planning & Implementation Intensives

You'll have daily asynchronous access directly to me in our private Slack channel. You’ll never be at a "marketing stand-still" knowing I’m in your back-pocket at all times.

Daily Private Support

private Coaching, Support, Training, & Tools

You'll have a 2nd set of eyes on your copy and graphics for the next 6 months. From topics and speaker selection, to registration pages copy and design, and review your marketing & sales emails, you’ll feel confident and stress-free with private reviews and audits. 

Email Copy & Landing Page Reviews + Audits

When it’s time setup your tech and automations, we’ll do it together! Your software and tech will be ready for hundreds of leads to flow into your email list! We’ll make sure that everything is set up for your leads to have a seamless, high-value experience with no glitches.

Tech & Automation Support Calls

When you want real-time input on a specific task or tactic inside your Micro Audio Summit or Conversion Event production, hop on a quick Coaching Call and get your questions answered. You will never be stuck because we'll clear the path to your next best step.

Private Coaching Calls

You’ll get customized recommendations (from Wendy) for speakers. This means finding the right experts who complement you, and have high-value actionable content for your attendees will be a breeze!

Private Introductions to Expert Speakers

Expand your visibility and authority with pre-approved posting access to my private FB Community: Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches: Summits, Speaking, & Collabs

Priority Posting to 4.5k+ Women Business Owners

Stand out at as a Featured Expert in the Speaker Rolodex - a public speaker directory with more than 300 listings. It will bring you more visibility and authority to your brand.

Featured Listing in The Speaker Rolodex

Audience-Growth Bonuses

“My email list has jumped to over 600 new subscribers… And it’s still growing!”

~Megan, Cancer Peace University

“We had more than 230 registrants! It's going great!”

- Nicola, author & founder of unbound press

“This System has exceeded all my expectations!  The simplicity has helped me implement quickly.”

- danielle, life coach & journey Dance instructor

"This is the BEST lead-generation system I've ever seen. If you don't join, you're just plain crazy."

- Heather, Health Coach for Type-A Women

You're READY for this if...

You want a reliable way to bring in QUALITY leads, so you can stop wasting money on ads.

You already have a basic tech stack (zoom, email marketing, Landing page builder, etc.)

You're NOT ready if...

YOU WANT TO KEEP chasing followers on SOCIAL MEDIA.


YOU're OK with waiting around for REFERRALS AND OTHERS TO send YOU LEADS.

You’re ready to see more consistent sales flowing in for your offers + programs.

You want to see more sales from your email list, and are committed to this strategy.

You have a proven Methodology and now want to double your enrollments.

You have no interest in using email marketing as a strategy to scale your business.


Service-Based business owners


Branding & Marketing Experts

Social Media Managers & Strategists

Health & Wellness Coaches

Authors & Writers

Life Coaches

Leadership & Career Consultants

Spiritual & Faith-Based Mentors

... and you.

Leads On-Demand works for...

Your go-to Lead-Generation Strategist and Fractional CMO for coaches and business owners who want to skyrocket their business growth and fill their programs with loyal clients.

I created the Micro Audio Summit™ System and Leads On-Demand to give you a proven, simple way to fast-track lead-gen and convert leads into loyal clients.

With 20+ years of experience under my belt, I've helped businesses streamline their marketing operations and lead-generation to create powerful, yet simple strategies.

Over the course of my career, I've produced and managed hundreds of in-person and virtual events companies like GoToMeeting, and Islands Publishing, to famous personalities like Marianne Williamson, and the legendary Rona Barrett.

Now I'm dedicated to helping business owners like you make lead-generation + Conversion Fast, Affordable, and easy.

Lead-Generation can be the easiest system in your business.

Stop making it so f*cking hard.

I have a relatively small list but have been in business for years. Will this work for me?

How long will I have access to the Program?

YES! Leads On-Demand is designed to multiply your email list with high-quality leads each time you host a Micro Audio Summit. Even if building your list hasn't been your first marketing priority, we can change that for you!

Can I use the software I already have in my business?

ABSOLUTELY! Everything I teach is designed to work with the software and tech that you already use. You do not need to use any specific software to host a successful Micro Audio Summit and conversion event. (If you don't have audio-hosting software, there's training on the platform I use.)

What if I’m already in another program, or working with another coach?

THAT'S TOTALLY OK! This Program will not interfere or conflict with anything you're doing in another marketing program or with another coach. It will actually speed up and enhance the other marketing strategies you're using!

We'll work together privately for 6-months. And you'll have access to the Micro Audio Summit System curriculum portal for one full year. 

What if Leads On-Demand isn't quite right for me... Do you have other options?

Absolutely! I have different program options depending your specific lead-generation and client-conversion needs and the type of support you prefer. The best way to learn more is to schedule a Strategy Call so that we can talk through your particular business goals and marketing.

What if my business has primarily been word of mouth. How will I find great speakers?

NO WORRIES! I have a large audience of experts who are excited to be a part of Micro Audio Summits! As a bonus, I will make personal introductions and recommendations for you.

Can I delegate this to my team?

HECK YES! And your team can join us for your 1:1 calls and in our Slack channel too! Many of my clients use a production coordinator to support them!


Will this work if I already have my marketing planned out for the next 6 months?

YES. The Micro Audio Summit System and Conversion frameworks we create will position you as the expert, while filling your programs and offers. It's lightweight and can be used to help launch and kick-off other marketing you're doing.

If I'm already running ads will I have to stop?

NO - you won't need to stop, especially if you have a funnel that converting with paid leads. That said, the Micro Audio Summit System that we'll use do NOT require any ads. It's 100% organic, high-quality lead generation.

  • Stop chasing followers on social media.
    Instead have quality leads lining-up to work with you.

  • Stop being at the mercy of the algorithms for visibility.
    You'll become the sought-after authority in your space.

  • Stop the feast-or-famine client rollercoaster.
    You'll have a waitlist of perfect-fit clients knocking down your door.

  • Stop wasting money on ads.
    Your best clients will come to you organically and seek you out.
Decide now to make lead-generation fit seamlessly into your marketing when you work with me inside of Leads On-Demand.

You'll have everything you need to:

  • 10X your visibility and be seen as trusted expert.
  • Grow your email list consistently with quality leads.
  • Fill your programs offers year-round with loyal clients.

be the standout expert with a growing email list and sold-out offers.

You will finally...

Get started now.

Book your Strategy Call.

Book your free Strategy Call, and we'll dive into your current marketing and lead-gen strategies to see what's working ~ and where you can increase your leads and conversions.

You'll learn how you can have LEADS ON-Demand and bring hundreds of leads flowing effortlessly into your funnels every quarter.