Lead-Generation & Conversion coaching + Implementation Program

Leads On-Demand will increase your offer enrollments by using a proven organic, lead-gen and conversion system that attracts high-quality leads, positions you as the expert, and fills/sells your programs and offers.
{Zero ads required.}

free yourself from outdated, expensive lead-gen strategies.

Lead-Generation & Conversion coaching + Implementation Program

Leads On-Demand will increase your offer enrollments by using a proven organic, lead-gen and conversion system that attracts high-quality leads, positions you as the expert, and sells your programs and offers. {Zero ads required.}

LIBERATE yourself from outdated, expensive lead-gen strategies.

you had hundreds of new leads filling your funnel regularly?

What would change in your business if...

It's time to do something different.

You’ve created dozens of freebies, and posted everywhere...
But none brought in consistent leads who converted to clients reliably.

You’ve tried the 5-day challenge model...
But just a few people showed up and participated.

You’ve hosted bloated, time-intensive virtual summits and events...
But were so exhausted afterwards you couldn't onboard new clients.

And you’ve thrown thousands of dollars down the drain on FB ads…
But all you got were freebie-seekers who unsubscribed.

Throughout your time in business, you've tried all
the lead-gen strategies...

Does that sound familiar?

As a seasoned coach or business owner, you know it's crucial to have a proven, FOUNDATIONAL marketing system that brings you leads consistently.

(Leads are the lifeblood of a profitable, healthy business.)

Unfortunately, it feels more like sludging through mud because you're using slow-growth strategies that take too much time.

These strategies may create brand awareness - but not leads who become clients - FAST.

that they might currently be facing

that they might currently be facing

- Jana o. , Content Strategist & Pinterest Educator

Proof In Client Results...

My 2nd Micro Audio Summit brought me 800+ sign ups! I now have a huge EDGE going into 2024 with this System because it's a reliable, repeatable way to bring a slew of qualified leads to my list whenever I want. I know  that I double the sales of my signature offer with this!

I added 408 leads to my email list! Since this was my 2nd Micro Audio Summit, I spent way less time. And I can attribute more than $33k in revenue to this event.”

~Marion, Business Coach

We hit 2,020 signups!  I’m so excited! And the feedback has been very positive!”

~ROBEN-MARIE, ARTIST & mentor for artists

I developed Leads On Demand and the Micro Audio Summit System because I wanted a simple way to get leads who were primed and ready to buy. (Plus, I wanted it to be FAST and EASY.)

And whether you're a seasoned coach or business owner with thousands of leads and clients...

Or you have a proven offer but are just beginning to make list growth a priority and you need a scalable, reliable system...
This system will work for you.

You've tried to grow an email list and nothing seemed to work well.


until they join your email list.

You have an intangible offer that takes longer to sell.

You've never hosted any kind of virtual event in the past.

You're "tech-challenged" and get overwhelmed by software.

ONCE YOU HAVE Proven SYSTEM built into your business, you'll never need to use the big, oversized lead-generation strategies again.

You don't currently have anyone on your email list.

followers are not leads...

Leads On-Demand is a 1-to-1, done-with-you coaching and implementation program that takes you from planning through profit with a reliable, proven lead-generation and conversion system. 

design and implement your organic lead-generation & conversion machine.


the 4-part Leads on-demand lifecycle

You'll have a foundational, turnkey marketing solution built into your business to use for years to come.

The Leads On-Demand Lifecycle is designed to bring your ideals leads into your funnels, and then convert them into loyal clients.

part 1


In Part 1, we brainstorm and develop the theme and topics that will make your Micro Audio Summit an "in-demand" lead-generation event.

And we’ll design your customized Leads-To-Conversions Lifecycle so that you have a seamless way to attract in ideal clients, and prepare  them to join you inside your programs and offers.

part 2


In this phase, your lead-generating Micro Audio Summit will take shape! We roll-up-our-sleeves and dive into creation mode.

With our plug-n-play email templates, trainings on how to host high-impact speaker interviews, and step-by-step task tracking and calendar system, you won't miss a thing!

And I’ll be there to guide you through each step and provide reviews your landing pages, materials for speakers, and more. You’ll have daily access to me for support at all times.

part 3


In this phase, it’s time to begin filling your email list and funnel with those high-quality leads. From the moment you begin promotion, you set the stage for client conversions.
Your in-demand Micro Audio Summit will finally be released to your registrants, and they're going to love it. And the best part? You'll get to announce what you have in store for them next.

This is your chance to keep the excitement going and your audience engaged as you get ready for Part 4…

part 4


Your lead-generating Micro Audio Summit just added hundreds of ideal clients to your email list...

Now it’s time to capture their undivided attention!

We’ll captivate them with your conversion event, and make sure that your Conversion Trifecta is set-up and optimized to prime your leads to buy! It’s time to introduce your program or offer and deepen your engagement to create long-lasting loyal clients.






expect big results.

Become THE recognized thought leader and authority in your space.

Have partners knocking ON your virtual door with INVITATIONS AND opportunities. 

never be worried about what the algorithm is doing or how much "reach" you're getting on social media.

finally ditch the big launches and get off the ROLLERCOASTER for good.

add your next 100-1000 ideal leads to your email list in just six weeks ORGANICALLY. Then fill your programs + offers with ease.

(You're welcome.)

what's included

This is your lead-generation and list-building system. All of the step-by-step lessons, templates, and trackers are available anytime. You can “implement as you go” and always know exactly what your next task is.

Signature Micro Audio Summit System

private Coaching, training, tools

I’ll be right by your side for your first  two Micro Audio Summits. Each time we’ll kickstart with a Planning Session to chart your goals and set the strategy for the event. We’ll create your Leads-To-Conversions Lifecycle Roadmap that ensures you will continue to multiply yur leads and conversions effortlessly!

Private Planning & Implementation Intensives

You'll have direct access to me in our private Slack channel. You’ll never be at a "marketing stand-still" knowing I’m in your back-pocket at all times.

Daily Coaching & Support

From topics and speaker selection to registration pages copy and design, you’ll feel confident and stress-free with personalized reviews and audits. 

Copy & Landing Page Reviews & Audits

When it’s time setup your tech and automations, we’ll do it together! Your software and tech will be ready for hundreds of leads to flow into your email list! We’ll make sure that everything is set up for your leads to have a seamless, high-value experience with no glitches.

Tech & Automation Support Calls

Pop in to our Weekly Office Hours & Strategic Advisory Calls. Get your questions answers and meet other students! It's the perfect way to get quick laser coaching on questions about your Micro Audio Summit or conversion event planning.

Weekly Office Hours & Strategic Advisory

You’ll get customized recommendations (from Wendy) for speakers. This means finding the right experts who complement you, and have high-value actionable content for your attendees will be a breeze!




Private Speaker Introductions

Expand your visibility and authority with pre-approved posting access to my private FB Community: Women Entrepreneurs & Coaches: Summits, Speaking, & Collabs

Priority Posting to 4.5k+ Women Business Owners

Stand out at as a Featured Expert in the Speaker Rolodex - a public speaker directory with more than 300 listings. It will bring you more visibility and authority to your brand.

Featured Listing in The Speaker Rolodex

your bonuses

“My email list has jumped to over 600 new subscribers… And it’s still growing!”

~Megan, Cancer Peace University

Real Clients Results...

“We had more than 230 registrants! It's going great!”

- Nicola, author & founder of unbound press

“This System has exceeded all my expectations!  The simplicity has helped me implement quickly.”

- danielle, life coach & journey Dance instructor

"This is the BEST lead-generation system I've ever seen. If you don't join, you're just plain crazy."

- Heather, Health Coach for Type-A Women

This     for you if:



this is          for you if...



YOU WANT TO KEEP chasing followers on SOCIAL MEDIA.


YOU're OK with waiting around for REFERRALS AND OTHERS TO send YOU LEADS.

YOU WANT TO STOP WASTING time on freebie-seekers, and attract quality leads to your programs.

YOU'RE READY TO ditch the status quo and stand out as the undeniable expert in your niche.

You're want to scale your lead-generation without spending money on ads.

YOU HAVE A PROVEN OFFER BUT need to reach a bigger audience to reach your sales goals.

You have no interest in using email marketing as a strategy to scale your business.


Service-Based business owners


Branding & Marketing Experts

Social Media Managers & Strategists

Health & Wellness Coaches

Authors & Writers

Life Coaches

Leadership & Career Consultants

Spiritual & Faith-Based Mentors

... and you.

This system                for...


Working with Wendy was absolutely amazing. I got the guidance and coaching I needed using her Micro Audio Summit System.

kelley, Curriculum & Course Strategist

"The System was so simple to follow. The training and templates are well planned out and structured beautifully. It made it really simple and something that was easy and beneficial at the same time.

"I went from almost 0 people on my list to adding 137 aligned leads using the Micro Audio Summit System. It was a perfect fit!

rhysa, Life & Business Empowerment Mentor

I started working with Wendy right after I made a pivot in my business. I was starting a new email list from scratch and was looking for a strategy to get people onto my email list - and also in a way that let me collaborate with other business owners. The best part is that you can re-use the System every 6-8 weeks and bring in new leads to your email list. I couldn't be happier with my results."

Your go-to Lead-Generation Strategist and Fractional CMO for coaches and business owners who want to skyrocket their business growth and fill their programs with loyal clients.

I created Leads On-Demand and the Micro Audio Summit® System to give you a proven and straightforward way to fast-track lead-gen and convert leads into loyal clients.

With 20+ years of experience under my belt, I've helped businesses streamline their marketing operations and lead-generation to create powerful, yet simple strategies.

Over the course of my career, I've produced and managed hundreds of in-person and virtual events companies like GoToMeeting, and Islands Publishing, to famous personalities like Marianne Williamson, and the legendary Rona Barrett.

Now I'm dedicated to helping business owners like you make lead-generation Fast, Affordable, and easy.

After working behind-the-scenes for years helping other 6- and 7-figure entrepreneurs grow their businesses, I decided that it was time to grow my own.

  • I tried big virtual summits with all the bells n' whistles.
  • I tried hosting my own public podcast.
  • I tried guest speaking on other peopele's podcasts.
  • I tried social media ads.
  • I tried posting several times each day.


So I created A new way to bring leads directly to me.

Once I figured out how to create, powerful small-scale "summits" that filled my email list, expanded my audience, and brought strategic power-partners directly to me...


The System that I created will flood the top of your funnels with new leads, and "wake-up" the leads on your list who have "fallen asleep."

Micro Audio Summits and the Leads On-Demand System gave me the power to grow my email list and fill my offers.

Now it's your turn to take control  and liberate yourself with this simple, reliable system & support!

I have less than 100 contacts on my list. Will this work for me?

How long will I have access to the Program?

ABSOLUTELY! Leads On-Demand is designed to multiply your email list with highly-targeted leads each time you host one. Even if your email list is less than 100 contacts.

You'll be able to easily add 100-1000 leads to your email list in just six weeks. And the process is so repeatable that you'll want to keep using it!

Can I use the software I already have in my business?

YES - This  is designed to work with the software and tech that you already use. You do not need to use any specific software to host a successful Micro Audio Summit and conversion event.

If you can create a landing page, use Zoom, and send marketing emails, you have everything needed to host a Micro Audio Summit. (If you don't have audio-hosting software, we provide training on the platform we use.)

What if I’m already in another program, or working with another coach?

THAT'S TOTALLY OK! This System will not interfere or conflict with anything you're doing in another marketing program or with another coach. It will speed up and enhance the other marketing strategies you're using!

I'd be willing bet that your other marketing programs aren't teaching you a plug-n-play system that will add your next 100-1000 leads to your email list in just six weeks... Right?

We'll work together to create your Leads On-Demand for 6-months.
And you'll have access to the Micro Audio Summit System curriculum for one full year. 

Have a question that I didn't answer here?

No problem! Just send an email to hello[at]wendybreakstone.com and I'll respond to your personally. I want to make sure that all your questions are answered! 

What if I'm not "well connected." How will I find great speakers?

NO WORRIES! Inside the Micro Audio Summit System curriculum, we teach you how to find and invite the right speakers so that they say "yes" to participating. And I'll personally help you find the right speakers to create your in-demand events!

Can I delegate this to my team?

ABSOLUTELY! And your team can join us for your 1:1 calls and in our Slack channel too! Many of my clients use a production coordinator to support them!

got questions? here's the answer.

  • being at the mercy of the algorithm and stuck in a social media bubble.


  • spinning your wheels with a PODCAST, HOPING IT WILL ONE DAY BRING YOU LEADS.


  • spending months Creating big, oversized events that overwhelm your audience and don't bring you quality leads.
Decide now to create Leads On-Demand.
You'll have a turnkey solution for years to come. You will:

  • Keep your pipeline full of fresh, quality clients.
  • Fill your programs and services with ease.
  • Simplify your marketing strategy.

You'll have instant access. Within a few hours, you'll be well on your way to creating your high-value Micro Audio Summit.

You'll be the one with


And be free from...

OF quality LEADS.

Get started now.