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Go From Best-Kept Secret to Standout Expert with Audio Marketing

Are you the expert in your online niche that no one knows about? 

We’ve all been there, my friend…
Feeling like the best-kept secret in your industry while other, less qualified “experts” are getting exposure or talking about their big 5-figure months.

Maybe you’ve been asking yourself why this happened… What did those other entrepreneurs do that you haven’t figured out yet?

And most importantly, how do you become better known as a highly qualified thought-leader and the “go-to” expert in your so that you can grow your online business.

The reality is that in order to grow your online business, you need a steady stream of leads that ultimately become loyal clients.

Here’s are some of the problems that you need to solve in order to grow your email list.

First, you need to expand your awareness and audience by consistently reaching more people so that you can get more clients to your online business.

But a word of caution…
You don’t want just any audience. You need the right audience.

The more targeted your audience, the more that your high-quality educational content will resonate - then the more opportunities you have to build authority, and grow your email list.

Without the right audience, you won’t be building meaningful authority to grow your online business.

And if no one is seeing you as an authority leader in your niche or industry, you aren’t going to be growing your email list.

Today, it’s very hard for an online business to thrive if they don’t have three key factors: an audience, built-up authority, and an email list-building marketing strategy.

Marketing Trends & Shiny Object Syndrome

With so many online marketing trends that seem to exploded overnight in the past few years like short-form video (i.e. Reels and TikTok), Fb groups, public podcasting, and even social audio grabbing your attention and time, it can feel dull and old-school to focus on growing your email list.

However, if you’re someone who gets wrapped up in these marketing fads, or you’ve spent time trying to monetize a podcast, your email list has probably suffered because you’re spreading yourself thin…

The reason is that without a strategy to create authority and drive people to your email list, you’re a content creator without an email list.

For instance, creating short-form videos where you’re pointing or dancing based on a “trend” will not get you more email signups. It’s a “top of funnel” piece of content that can suck up your time, and burn you out if you’re not careful.

(It’s short content that takes a long time to create.)

That’s why you need a marketing strategy that creates authority from all those new eyeballs.

Audio Marketing For Authority & Email List Growth

Audio marketing strategies have come a long way since the radio and conference call.

Now you can keep someone’s attention longer by use the mobility and portability of audio to keep your audience engaged longer - especially if they are on the go.

Starting a Public Podcast

Starting a podcast has been a powerful brand builder for major brands, and in recent years, has turned some people into influencers and celebrities seemingly overnight.

Anyone with a microphone can start a podcast which has made it a low-barrier to entry brand strategy.

As a matter of fact, according to, as of October, 2021, there were more than 2 million podcasts and more than 48 million episodes released. That said, more than 26% are “one and done” podcasts, meaning they have just one episode. (source:

Just because you start a podcast doesn’t mean that the people will be magically alerted that it’s “now available” for them to listen in.

It requires a heavy-duty promotional strategy, and takes ongoing time to grow a loyal podcast audience. It’s like hopping onto a hamster wheel.

And you’re giving your value away before you even capture the email address.

one-quarter of podcasts are one episode

This also makes it a slow-growth marketing strategy when you’re trying to grow an engaged email list.

So before you go “all in” and bank your business on starting a podcast, consider your marketing strategy and how you intend to build awareness, authority, and your email list.

Live Video Shows & Pre-Recorded Video Channels

Much like a starting a podcast, many entrepreneurs turn to starting a video channel on YouTube or a weekly live show on Facebook, Instagram, or even LinkedIn.

However, many of the same challenges happen with these types of online marketing strategies.

Not only are you giving all of your top-of-funnel content away from free, you aren’t capturing an email address either.

Audio Marketing Strategies that Grow your Email List

There are several ways to use private audio marketing strategies that create exclusivity and urgency so that you can build your brand authority and grow your email list more effectively and quickly.

The Micro Audio Summit™️ Framework

This is by far the quickest way to build your awareness, authority, and email list.

The Micro Audio Summit uses the best parts of podcasting and builds in a concentrated urgency that you don’t get with a public podcast. To learn about how you can create your own reliable lead-generation system with this form of private audio, read this article.

More Ways to Use Private Audio Marketing

In addition to the Micro Audio Summit, there are other effective ways to use audio marketing to grow your online business quickly.

For instance, instead of a public podcast, you could produce an exclusive private podcast.

There are dozens of ways to use private audio marketing strategies to build your online business.

If you’d like more ideas for using private audio, download the pdf and audio training, 10+ Ways To Grow Your Email List & Get More Clients With Audio Marketing.

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