As entrepreneurs, coaches, and program creators, we know that building an email list of engaged contact is the most powerful way to create long-term success for our business.

After all, if you're only focusing on paid ads or organic social media, you're spending money and renting space.

You need to build a marketing asset that you own! (And that's exactly what your email list is.)

The problem is that building an active email list if you have no audience or are the "best kept secret" can suck the life out of your business and kill your passion.

Maybe you've considered trying one of these marketing strategies in hopes of growing your business:

  • Jumping on the never-ending podcast hamster-wheel
  • Building a video show or YouTube channel that would take years to grow
  • Posting on all the social platforms hoping a post will go viral.
  • Creating an evergreen webinar that would cost me thousands of dollars in ad spend

Unfortunately, these are slow-growth or expensive marketing strategies.

That's why I began looking at the traditional-style virtual summits as a faster way to:

  • Reach Other People's Audiences for free
  • Build trust as an authority and expert
  • Grow an email list lightning-fast with high-quality leads

Then I thought about the reason that I didn't love the video-based summit model:

  • Felt overwhelming and all-consuming
  • Too much video to produce and slide presentations to watch
  • Often seemed like glorified salesy webinars with no value

That's when I had the epiphany...
I didn't have to host a traditional video-based virtual summit.

Why create an Audio Summit vs. other types of popular marketing strategies...

PROS & CONS of creating a traditional virtual summit...

PROS... The "traditional" video-driven virtual summit has become very popular over the past couple of years. Here are a few reasons why this virtual event marketing is so popular...

  • Get access to other people's audiences
  • Build your email list and community faster than if you go it alone.
  • There's no travel required so everyone saves money.

CONS... Have you ever wanted to spend additional hours chained to your computer screen watching a virtual event that feels like a salesy webinar? (Uh - no.)

  • You'll spend more time chasing speakers for presentations than forming deep relationships.
  • There can be more production involved and tech problems with video.
  • And often, the summit host isn't as prominent.

PROS & CONS of hosting a "open" public podcast...

PROS... The public podcast that we've all become accustomed to is a great way to build long-term exposure. They've become extremely popular because:

  • Relatively low-cost to produce
  • May build relationships with guests and speakers on your show
  • Good for branding and authority building over the long-run

CONS... Starting and hosting a podcast is a slow-growth strategy.

  • You must be willing to commit for an indefinite period of time to reap the benefits of that brand exposure.
  • You don't collect email addresses of your listeners so it can take quite a bit of marketing to finally get someone to give up their email.
  • You face a never-ending production cycle that can become a burnout when the leads are slow and the visibility is low.

After years of running marketing for other 7-figure program creators, starting and ending a podcast, and testing all the trending guru marketing strategies, I finally created the Audio Summit lead-generation system.

When you run an online business, it's all too common to be the "best-kept secret" or the expert that no one knows.

But when you host a Audio Summit (Micro or full-scale audio event), you immediately build your audience, authority, and your email list in a matter of days rather than months or years.

Grow your email list with hundreds or thousands of high-quality leads by accessing Other People's Audiences.

(My list grew by 800%.)

Audio format is easy for your "on-the-go" attendees.

They'll consume more of your content.

Th Audio Summit format builds loyalty quickly, and positions you as an authority they can trust.

Not only do your attendees love the audio format, so do your Speakers!

They love not having to create presentations!

Audio Summits are the perfect marketing strategy for:
Online Marketing Coaches
Authors & Book Launches
Social Media Managers
Health & Wellness Coaches
Course Developers & Program Creators
Mental Health Professionals
Personal Development & Life Coaches
Executive Leadership Educators
Spiritual Mentors & Coaches
Online Business Strategists
Finance & Legal Professionals
Network Marketers
Podcast & Video Producers
Branding & Messaging Experts
Sales Strategists & Trainers
And more!


Shout-outs from Clients...

Take your Audio Summit to the next level with live guided support and everything you need to create your low-effort, high-impact audio event that adds hundreds (even thousands) of qualified leads to your email list


Audio Summits Made Simple is a live, weekly program with plug-n-play templates and trackers that guide you through creating your summit.

  • Expand your audience lightning fast
  • Position yourself as the go-to authority in your niche
  • Turbocharge your email list growth with high-converting leads

You'll save at least 30+ hours of production time, marketing, and headaches because we give you everything you need to create your full-scale or micro audio summit.

What's Included...

This is a live group program guided training and support through the entire planning, producing, and profiting phases of your Summit.

    Whether it's your 1st or 5th time creating an Audio Summit, you can join the weekly calls and get your burning questions answered! Each month, we'll have surprise bonus trainings and Summit Project Tracker Intensives to make sure you follow your roadmap!
    Get support between Q&A calls inside our FB Group. It's a great way to find speakers, and lend a hand to other like-minded entrepreneurs!
    Listen to training calls from your favorite podcast player or watch from your computer screen


You'll have access to my library of done-for-you project management trackers, copy templates, email swipes, and premade LeadPages templates, for the Micro Audio Summit and Full-Scale Audio Summit Frameworks, including:

  • Audio Summit Project Trackers
  • Speaker Management Trackers
  • Speaker Info Page and Questionnaire Form
  • Goals & Profits Calculators
  • Email Nurture Templates for Attendees and Speakers
  • Canva social media templates
  • Premade, lightening fast LeadPages templates
  • Registration & Sales page copy
  • VIP Pass Upsell page copy template
  • Speaker pitch email and DM templates
  • Complete Summit organizational structure
  • And more!

If you already own the Micro Audio Summit Toolkit, then Audio Summits Made Simple Program will supercharge your creation process, and reduce your production time. You get full access to the complete library of templates of audio summit templates and trackers. This is the perfect addition when you want guided support for every audio summit you produce.

This Program is for you if...

  • You want to produce and host a highly targeted, high-converting full-scale or Micro Audio Summit with a clear strategy and roadmap for email list growth and authority building.
  • You value your time and want to get momentum fast! All the templates, trackers, and swipe files are exactly what you need along with weekly training and accountability support.
  • You want to be able to count on live guided support when you need it throughout your Summit planning and production so that you're never stuck in the mud or at a stand-still.
  • You don't want just another online course that won't get you to the finish line.

Don't need to go it alone.
Take the fast-track to make every audio summit a huge success.

Lock in the Launch Price of $997/year
(reg. annual price: $2724)

What Audio Summit Attendees Say...

Meet Your Audio Summit Guide...

I'm Wendy Breakstone - Audio Marketing & Summit Strategist for entrepreneurs, coaches and creators who want to use audio strategies to stand out as the expert and land more clients with ease.

For the past 18+ years, I've consulted and mentored dozens and dozens of service-based entrepreneurs and business owners who need marketing and operations support in order to create sustainable, long-lasting growth.

It's this compilation of expertise in marketing, media, and event production that has led me to create Audio Summit Marketing School in order to help others host their own successful event.


Will an Audio Summit work for my business?

The audio summit framework is designed for any type of business including online coaches, consultants, and service-providers.

How does an audio summit differ from a video summit?

The biggest difference is that you deliver your audio summit to attendees without them need to watch videos or be chained to a screen. The Audio Summit Framework allows them to take you "on-the-go" with them. This means they are more likely to consume more of your summit.

How long is Audio Summits Made Simple Program?

This is an annual membership that supports you through every Audio Summit you create.

I already bought the Lurkers-To-Leads Micro Audio Summit Toolkit. Do I need this program?

Short answer: Yes.
Audio Summits Made Simple is the next level of support, guidance and plug-n-play assets that will supercharges the Micro Audio Summit Toolkit. This program gives you access to Wendy and the community of like-minded colleagues for ongoing support. Its designed to make each of your audio summits better than the last because you build on your knowledge and production expertise.

I already bought the Lurkers-To-Leads Micro Audio Summit Toolkit. Do I need this program?

Short answer: Yes.
Audio Summits Made Simple is the next level of support, guidance and plug-n-play assets that will supercharges the Micro Audio Summit Toolkit. This program gives you access to Wendy and the community of like-minded colleagues for ongoing support. Its designed to make each of your audio summits better than the last because you build on your knowledge and production expertise.

Are the templates, trackers and swipe files immediately available?

Yes. All of the assets (and we're always adding to our library) is available when you login to the member area.

I don't use the same software. Will this program work for me?

Absolutely. You can use any software that is already in your tech stack. Audio Summits are streamlined, high-impact