Grow your email list and fill your pipeline with targeted, engaged leads... Fast.

Micro Audio Summit Toolkit  2.0

Are you a washed-up podcaster? Maybe you've been talking about starting a YouTube channel for what seems like forever? Perhaps being on video just isn't your thing...

Why host a Micro Audio Summit...

When you think about the typical virtual summit you've attended, what comes to mind?
Let me guess - Video presentations, talking-head interviews, webinar styles sales presentations...

What about audio marketing?
Hosting a public podcast where you release episodes weekly?

Both of these strategies will build your brand. However, both are time-intensive and may take more effort than you originally thought.

Micro Audio Summit Toolkit


Digital asset toolkit with the templates, trackers, and guides needed to create your Micro Audio Summit and build a reliable leag-generation machine for your business.


Turn the traditional virtual summit upside-down.

What if you tossed out the "traditional video-style" summit and the public podcast, and instead created a high-value AUDIO SUMMIT?

You don't need to chain attendees to their computer screen to give them high-quality experience and strategies they can actually use.

In fact, hosting an audio-based event or summit is more flexible for you and your audience, simpler to produce, and highly profitable.

Here's why hosting an audio-only summit is so powerful...

Unlike video, an Audio Summit is portable and accessible from anywhere. No computer rqeuired.

You will multiply your email list FASTER than a public podcast.
(My list grew 800% in just one month.)

Being in someone's ears builds trust and intimacy, so your lead list is ready to buy faster.

Interviewing speakers creates a relationship that will open opportunities you normally wouldn't have.

Audio eliminates tech issues and glitches normally seen in video or live interviews.

Attendees LOVE not having to watch slide presentations and speakers love not having to make them.

You have a structured schedule for production and launch (unlike the never-ending podcast production).

The podcast space is full of noise. If you want to stand out from the crowd host audio summit!

People RAVE about audio summits...

What makes a Micro Audio Summit so special?

Ease & Simplicity for You.

  • Video not your thing?
  • Don't love having to be "camera-ready?"

Your summit doesn't need to be complicated or create overwhelm and stress to be highly effective.

By giving yourself the support needed to pull off a successful summit. We believe in equipping you with the proper production planning processes and accountability, so that you can maintain flexibility and ease along the way.

Low effort for your Speakers.

I've never met a speaker who said, "Gee, I'm so excited to record another slide presentation."

Offering your speakers a real conversation will attract high-impact guests who are happy to have a deep conversation and allow their expert voice to be heard.

A savvy speaker understands the value of audio and will see your summit as a massive promotional opportunity to reach not just one audience, but the audiences of every speaker in your lineup!

High Impact for Attendees.

I'm not sure when packing everything and the kitchen sink into a summit became the norm.

So I want to challenge you to break free of the silly notion that "extra "stuff" equals "extra value." It's simply not true.

Your attendees don't have extra time in their day for extra stuff... they need clear, actionable strategies and tactics that will solve their biggest problems.

With an audio-only summit, you're giving them the flexibility they need to listen whenever and where ever their life takes them. And you're not bogging them down with "extra stuff."