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Let me ask you...

Are you struggling to grow your business
because you don't have a large audience or a big email list?

Have you thought about starting a podcast or video show
but the endless production is overwhelming?

Is your lead-generation strategy relying too much on social media and you'd be in big trouble if your account got shut down?

Have you considered hosting a virtual summit or onlne event, but it's too time-consuming or takes too long to produce?

Here's the truth nobody wants to tell you...

If you're like me and thousands of online coaches and creators, you've most likely tried or considered some (if not all) of these marketing strategies:

🚫 Spending months planning and executing a virtual event or video summit.

🚫 Jumping onto the endless podcasting hamster wheel.

🚫 Creating a YouTube channel that can take months or years to grow.

🚫 Offering free webinars hoping to grow all on your own.


Followers are NOT leads until they join your email list.

It's time to turn followers into highly engaged leads who are ready to buy.

As an entrepreneur, it's vital that you consistently build your authority and bring new leads to your "virtual front door" and join your email list.

However, it can be tough to grow your list quickly if you are using slow-growth strategies like podcasting or a video channel because people don't need to opt-in to get your content.

So in order to create sustainable growth, you need those people in your audience (the "lurkers") to raise their hand and join your email list.

What makes the Micro Audio Summit system so powerful...

🎯 You don’t grow your audience alone.
The Micro Audio Summit is the perfect way to gain free access to Other People's Audiences that align with your own ideal target client.

That way, even if you have a very small following or active email list, you get attendees from speakers.

🎯 You won’t burn out, or spend all of your time creating the summit.
Micro Audio summits can be created and launched in less than 6-weeks.
Unlike a full-scale summit that can take 12 weeks to launch, and takes tons of time and resources to produce.

And unlike a podcast, that has a never-ending cycle, the Micro Audio Summit has a start and end date.

🎯 You get leads right away.
The Micro Audio Summit Framework is one of the few systems that you can replicate consistently, and get real leads fast.

🎯 You build your own stage of authority.
Instead of waiting for invitations to other stages or "renting space," you create your own platform of authority.

This positions you as an expert and highlights your expertise and services that continue to build exponentially.

Main features of the Micro Audio Summit...

  • 4-7 Expert Speakers in the summit.
    It's not overwhelming for your or your attendees. And your speakers don't get lost in the shuffle.
  • All of the interviews are released at the same time - same day.
    There is no multi-day schedule to confuse you or your attendees.
  • It's completely free for attendees.
    there is no VIP Pass or anything to buy
  • It only takes 6-weeks or less to create and launch
  • Audio-only format.
    It's highly portable and mobile for your attendees. There are no slide presentations or videos to watch. And none of that for you to create.


Watch this quick overview...

Now you can fast-track your Micro Audio Summit live guided coaching support and accountability.

THE ACCELERATOR begins on January 4, 2022.


6 Weeks of Live Coaching & Accountability Calls (value $4,597)
Get personalized feedback throughout the entire creation and launch of your Micro Audio Summit. This eliminates overwhelm and helps you keep it effortless!

Calls are held on Zoom, Tuesdays: 10:00am PST / 1:00pm EST
(Recordings of calls are provided in video and audio formats will be provided in case you can make it live.)

Two Bonus Live Tech Trainings (value $1,497)
Learn to use the secret tools that I use to fast-track my own summits and reduce the amount of time and headaches that producing an event can create.

Plus you get the
Micro Audio Summit Toolkit & System

Summit Project Tracker & Training (value $2,997)
This is the lifeblood of your summit project, and will keep you on time every step of the way without anything falling through the cracks. Each task is mapped out with an auto-calculating due dates based on your Summit go-live date.

Strategic Planner Workbook & Training (value $2,597)
Thinking through your goals and creating your roadmap for success before you dive into tasks is a time-saver. This Planner Workbook is based on the 10-step framework and will guide you through each decision during Summit production.

Speaker Tracker & Training (value $1,997)
Keep your speaker's deliverables organized from the moment you pitch speakers through to capturing all of their materials. Comes in two formats with a pre-built questionnaire.

Planning Calendar Templates & Training (value $297)
The Planning Calendar shows you how to maximize the number of Micro Audio Summits you can host, and when to launch your products, programs, or service following. Or adjust the calendar based on pre-existing launches.

Folder Structure System + Training (value $297)
Use this prebuilt, ready-to-import folder structure system to keep all of your assets organized and easy for you to find.

Speaker Agreement Template (value $297)
Being transparent with your Speakers about your expectations and what they get is completely outlined in this easy-to-update template.

Speaker Questionnaire Form Template (value $147)
Get the right information from your Speakers upfront so there's no guesswork on your part. Easy for you to use in your favorite form software.

Registration Page Outline & Copy (value $267)
No more second-guessing what the layout of your page should be. Use the outline template and examples to craft your Summit Registration Page fast!

Speaker Information Page Copy (value $ 297)
Bring your potential Speakers to a page where they can find out about your Summit and fill out the questionnaire. Use this template



You'll also get the Bonus Bundle to save you even more time throughout the production of your Micro Audio Summit.

When you use these templates and swipe files, you'll be 85% of the way done creating your promotional materials for you and your speakers.

Pre-made LeadPages Templates (value $597)
Get access to pre-built summit templates. Import directly into your LeadPages account, or use them as the guide to building in your landing page software.

Email Swipe Files Bundle (value $397)
Just fill in your Summit details and be ready to send emails! Inside the bundle, you get:
- Pre-Registration Promo Email Sequence
- Attendee Registered Welcome Email
- Attendee Morning of Summit Email
- Speaker Pitch Invite Email & Direct Message template
- Speaker You’ve Been Accepted Email

Canva Promo Graphics Templates (value $297)
Use these pre-made social media templates to save time!
Simply update with your Summit details, brand colors, and speaker headshots. Then send them to your Speakers for the promo phase of your summit!


Micro Audio Summit Toolkit & Bonus Bundle = $10,484



(The investment for this business-changing program increases Jan. 4th)


Don't Take My Word for It...

“Wendy’s Micro Audio Summit Toolkit is such an easy way to plan, start and create an Audio Summit.

I’m so grateful that I don’t have to figure this all out by myself and I can just follow the plan she’s already laid out for me. This saved me so much time and the tools are so organized.
~ Annabelle Bayhan, Business Marketing Coach

"Your Micro Audio Summit program is off the charts amazing I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time."

~ Dr. Laura Cobb, Leadership Coach

"I've been given templates, checklists, and swipes as part of other programs, but this is the most amount of templates and checklists that I've received --but I don't feel overwhelmed, compared to other programs.

There's so much clarity baked in, and attention to detail, not only in terms of making it organized and clear, but also how you thought about the person reading it."
~ Ex Powanpongkul, Marketing Agency Owner

“The Micro Audio Summit Toolkit has been by far one of the best roadmaps & frameworks that I have experienced for business growth…”

~ Joyce Moon, Health Coach

Don't miss this one-time-only to join
THE ACCELERATOR at the ridiculously low investment of just $497!

This is a one-time-only offer.
Price increases on Jan. 4th 2022.

Micro Audio Summits are perfect for online coaches & course creators in:
Branding & Marketing
Social Media
Health & Wellness
Fitness & Nutrition
Personal Development & Lifestyle
Executive Leadership
Spiritual & Faith-Based

Service-based Entrepreneurs
And more!

This Program is for you if...

  • You want to make Micro Audio Summits your #1 marketing strategy because growing your email list and creating powerful partnerships is your priority.
  • You value your time and appreciate the ability to fast-track your effort by removing guesswork and roadblocks.
  • You want to be able to count on live guided support when you need it throughout your Summit creation so that you're never at a stand-still.

Meet Your Audio Summit Coach...

I'm Wendy Breakstone, Audio Marketing & Summit Strategist and the creator of the Micro Audio Summit™️ Framework.

I help entrepreneurs, coaches, and creators who want to use audio strategies to stand out as the expert and land more clients with ease.

For the past 18+ years, I've consulted and mentored dozens and dozens of service-based entrepreneurs and business owners who need marketing and operations support in order to create sustainable, long-lasting growth.

It's this compilation of expertise in marketing, media, and event production that has led me to create Audio Summit Marketing School in order to help others host their own successful event.


Will a Micro Audio Summit work for my business?

The Micro Audio Summit Framework is designed for any type of business including online coaches, entrepreneurs, podcasters, and program creators.

How does a Micro Audio Summit differ from a video summit?

The biggest difference is that you deliver your audio summit to attendees without them need to watch videos or be chained to a screen. The Micro Audio Summit Framework allows them to take you "on-the-go" with them. This means they are more likely to consume more of your summit.

How long is Audio Summit Accelerator Program?

This is a 6-week live coaching program with weekly live training and Q&A calls. We also have bonus tech and software training!

I already bought the Lurkers-To-Leads Micro Audio Summit Toolkit. Do I need this program?

Yes. Audio Summit Accelerator is the next level of support, guidance fast-track the Micro Audio Summit Toolkit. This program gives you access to Wendy and the community of like-minded colleagues for ongoing support. Its designed to make each of your audio summits better than the last because you build on your knowledge and production expertise.

Are the templates, trackers and swipe files immediately available?

Yes. The additional templates and swipe files assets are available immediately. And we are always adding to the library!

I don't use the same software. Will this program work for me?

Absolutely. Our goal is to help you use the software that is already in your tech stack first!