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Create Captivating Audio Content for Clubhouse with the A.U.D.I.O Equation

Does your Clubhouse and social audio content feel disorganized or cause you to postpone opening rooms?

So you a great idea pops into your head for Clubhouse and you think, "That's a great title. I'll open a room." But before you get around to hosting that Clubhouse room, your idea starts to feel disjointed and you're not sure how or why you should even talk it. So that great idea slips into the abyss with all of your other great room titles.

Social audio apps and platforms like Clubhouse are one of the hottest new types of social media and audio marketing that entrepreneurs and online coaches are using to grow their email lists and get more clients.

You can build your brand authority in a shorter period of time because of the live, real-time communication between speakers.

After spending a "significant amount of time" (translation: way too many hours) on Clubhouse, and exploring other social audio apps, I created a 5-step content formula that will help you create a focused content strategy, and fast-track your awareness, authority, grow your email list, and ultimately get more clients.

It's called the A.U.D.I.O. Equation (mostly because I love a good acronym.)

Let's breakdown each letter and what it means for your Clubhouse content strategy.

A: ATTRACT your audience with topics, titles, and personality.

For a room to be successful and meet your goals on Clubhouse, you need to master how to attract your target audience that will listen and tune in for what you have to say.

It's highly unlikely that someone will stay in your room and follow you if they can't relate or can't find anything of value from your message.

Instead of spamming your followers with pings, or using a clickbait titles, focus on repurposing existing content and messaging you've written for emails or other social media platforms, and use it as room content.

Your room titles should be targeted enough to draw in people who are interested in a specific topic that you want to build brand authority with.

If your titles are too vague, your Clubhouse room may get big, but it won't convert to meaningful clients because you've attracted too broad of a user base.

You also need to let your personality come through in your room titles, topics and how you communicate while on stage in your room.

There's no point in trying to hide your true personality from people who may be clients down the road. That doesn't serve you, or them.

U: UNITE & UNDERSTAND your Target Audience

This is pretty obvious but I'm going to say it anyway...

You want to form a bond with your potential clients so that they see you as someone who cares about them and their success. Clubhouse and audio marketing, in general, allows you to create the know, like, trust with your leads and prospects more quickly than some other organic social media and online marketing strategies.

So when someone enters your Clubhouse room - whether it be immediately when the room opens or 30 minutes into your conversation, you want your "guests" to feel like they've just walked into your home and sat down in a comfy chair for a good talk. If you run rooms that are open for questions or conversation, remind people frequently. If its a "masterclass-style" room, explain your process.

The most important thing is that your room guests feel like you are there to bring a group of like-minded people together to share something of value, or open up a conversation.

And they need to know that you understand them.

Again, this should not be boring or obvious content; it should fit your personality and help people get attracted to your brand.

D: DELIVER your valuable, educational content

It's time to deliver your content and expertise!

Opening a room on Clubhouse to share valuable educational content specific to your expertise can give you the jitters whether it's your 1st or 100th room.

But you can manage your nerves and deliver epic information if you start by simply preparing an effective introduction to start a conversation and prepare your guests. They too will feel more comfortable engaging with you because they know it will not be just a sales pitch-fest.

If there's loads of noise in the background this may not come across as professional - even though most people use their kitchen/living room as an office these days - so think about finding a place that is relatively quiet so that your content doesn't take the back seat to a lawnmower outside. That said, there will also be interruptions since it's live audio... Sometimes you just can't control a dog barking or a baby crying - and that's OK because makes you human and able to connect with your audience.

I: INTERACT and build INTRIGUE for your offer

Listening is also important on the Clubhouse app. Social audio is meant to be a multi-way conversation with a variety of speakers and contributors.

Interacting and answering questions will help you to deliver our value and you can build intrigue and a feeling of exclusivity when you interact.

You don't have to give all of your educational information away for free! It's ok to give the "what" but not the "how" of your secret, exclusive program, system, or course.

You know there are people who just take-take-take, so it's important to build in boundaries and intrigue around the content you will share on Clubhouse in order to keep people wanting more!

Just remember, because of the community and live nature of this social audio platform, the more you listen and engage, the more your audience will do the same.

O: OFFER Your Services, Program, or Lead Magnet Freebie

During your Clubhouse room, you've built intrigue and a feeling of exclusivity for those in the room.

You've shown your audience that you understand their needs and desires, and united with them so that they feel like you truly "get" them.

You've shared your expertise and knowledge by delivering educational information that your room attendees can use and implement in their business or life.

And have answered questions and built a feeling of exclusivity throughout the conversation. You've also planted the seed about your services, program, or free offer in order to help people think about what they will experience when they work with you or become a customer.

Now you can give a light pitch so that people know how to get what you have to offer. Do not make them trying to figure it out on their own, because the minute you close your Clubhouse room, they will be on to the next room.

This can take many forms like:

"Direct message me the word "XYZ" to get my exclusive "name your free offer."

"Send me a message if you'd like to get the "name your offer" at a special Clubhouse discount..."

When you sell or promote your offer from a social audio stage like Clubhouse, it currently seems to work best if you have a lower ticket or a payment plan in place.

Alternatively, you can focus on growing your email list at the end of your room with an offer to get lead magnet, or join your free community, etc.

Final Thoughts...

Social audio apps like Clubhouse are a great way to sell services or products in front of an audience that is highly targeted and primed for your offer by engaging them with your educational-based marketing content and delivering a compelling call-to-action at the close of the room.

When you use the A.U.D.I.O. Equation to plan your content and run your rooms, you will grow your email list and get sales.

Give this formula a  try the next time you plan to host a room on Clubhouse!

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