Meet your Audio Summit Coach

This is NOT my first rodeo.

I'm Wendy Breakstone, an Audio Marketing & Summit Strategist for female coaches and creators who want to use audio strategies to stand out as the expert and land more clients with ease.

For the past 20 years, I've consulted and mentored dozens and dozens of service-based entrepreneurs and business owners who need marketing and operations support in order to create sustainable, long-lasting growth.

It's this compilation of expertise in marketing, media, and event production that has led me to create Audio Summits Made Simple in order to help others reach their audience, build their email list, and generate more leads for their business with audio.

When I'm not nerding-out on systems and tools, you can find me at the dog-park, binging detective shows with the hubby, and buying way too many eyeshadow palettes (yes - this is a thing...)

Experience Matters...

Fun Facts...

I "hand-coded" my first website in 2000...

My game song is "Back in Black" by AC/DC
(Gimme heavy metal from the Big 80s.).

I'm obsessed with business books, and rarely read fiction.

My spirit animal is Wonder Woman.
(I wear the headband and collect a lot of WW "stuff")

I'm a tech nerd
80s rocker-chick at heart

Mom to:
• one human teenager
• one doodle-child
• and two feline monsters

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