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5 Secrets to Hosting a Successful Audio Summit

5 Secrets to a Successful Audio Summit

Have you ever thought about hosting an audio summit or virtual event but were worried that the return on your time investment wouldn’t pay off?

Maybe you were afraid that you wouldn’t get enough leads or grow your email list enough to make it worth your time.

If that’s the case, then these five secrets to hosting a successful audio summit will help your launch for a powerful online event that builds your audience, authority, and your email address with the right leads.

You can apply these five secrets to the Micro Audio Summit framework, a full-scale traditional video summit, or an audio summit. And you can even think about these if you’re starting a podcast.


Whether you decide to host a full-scale, multi-day audio summit, or Micro Audio Summit - the first secret to your ultimate success is to get crystal clear about your topic and title.

The more narrowed down and focused your topic niche, the better chance that you are going to attract the right summit speakers and the right audience to your audio summit.

So regardless of the type of summit you host, full-scale virtual summit or a micro audio summit, you want to pick a narrow topic and go hard!


The second secret after your topic is to know your audience.

Oftentimes when people talk about their niche, they're lumping what they do and who they serve into one bucket.

This is not always the best idea, because it takes away from your ability to get more granular with your content, services you offer, or who you offer them to.

But when you're creating an audio summit, you want to identify who your target audience is for the summit. That way it’s much easier for the right people to register and attend. It needs to be very clear and precise so that they opt in to attending. Any ambiguity in a person’s mind as to whether your summit “is for them” will lower your registration rates.

And it’s more important to have a smaller number of the right audience register and join your email list versus a large number of unqualified people who are not your target client type.

Here’s an example:
If you’re a health and wellness coach hosting a summit on gut health, the information could vary widely based on your target audience… Information that you present to child-bearing women may be vastly different from what you might present to menopausal women. Or the differences in people with autoimmune diseases vs. men who are vegan.

I’ve met a lot of online coaches and entrepreneurs who are afraid to narrow their target audience for fear they’ll lose a sale. However, when you’re having a lead-generating event like an audio summit, you’ll have more success bringing leads who actually need your programs, products, or services when you're clear about who your summit is truly meant for.

Now that you’re clear about topic and audience, you can move on to the next secret.


Not only do you need to find the right speakers for your summit topic, you need to make sure that your speakers have the same target audience.

If you bring in speakers who are in a similar or complementary niche as you, but they don't have the same target audience, you're not going to be attracting the right attendees to your event.

And when you're hosting an event, the idea is you want to be able to attract the right attendees because ultimately they're joining your email list. You're building your email list very fast because you're in front of other people's audiences.

But if you grow your email fast with other people's audiences that don’t align to your target audience, it’s not going to get you the types of clients you ultimately want to end up with.

You want to build your audience, authority, and your email list with the right people.

Once you find speakers that seems like a good fit, you need to do a little bit of research about them.

One of the easiest ways to do quick research is to check their website to see where thye’ve been featured in other summits or podcasts. You can also search Facebook to see if they have a group or active page. The idea is find where you can hear them speak so that you can gauge their style of speaking and how they deliver content is in alignment with your brand.

For instance, if you have a faith-based Rated-G brand and a speaker has a potty-mouth, their content may be great, but their delivery will not align with your brand. So be careful!

It doesn't need to take long to research, but it must be done or you risk tarnishing your brand.


So now you know your topic, audience, and speakers…

The 4th secret to a successful summit is to know the right questions to ask your speakers so that you both sound like experts!

The worst thing that can happen when you sit down to record an interview is that you don't know what to ask the summit speaker, and they don't know what you are going to ask them.

How To Host an Audio Summit Interview

Unlike an open-ended conversation, you want to make sure that both of you are on the same page with the questions you’ll be asking so that they share their actionable, high-value content to your attendees through your summit.

Often, summit hosts will not prepare and the conversation ends up rambling with no real value shared for the attendees.

You can weave the questions into a natural conversation but keep it moving forward. Otherwise, you risk boring your attendee listeners and they may not listen to another interview.

The takeaway here is BE PREPARED so that you and your Summit speakers sound professional.


The 5th secret I want to share is know how to roll out and deliver the summit to your attendees.

If you're hosting an audio-only summit, you won’t have to worry about video editing. However, you will want to clean up the audio for quality and length. I use an easy-to-use video and audio editing software made for non-techies. It’s literally as easy as editing a document.

For an audio summit, you’re also going to embed each interview onto a webpage that is only accessible to your audio summit attendees.

You can also deliver your Summit interviews in a
private audio feed. This allows your attendees to listen right from their favorite podcast player. Your interviews can very streamlined with no fluff.

Also, make sure that your emails are setup to be sent on the proper days and times, and test everything a few days before your summit. 

Make sure that on the day of your summit, attendees know exactly where to go and what to do in order to binge the interviews.

And last but not least - Don't be afraid to remind your registered attendees to listen to the summit!

Finally, when you follow these five secrets, you will be able to host a wildly successful audio summit that brings your audience to your door, builds your authority fast, and multiplies your email list growth!

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