People say it's so good that it 'blew their mind.'

Why this Masterclass is RIGHT for you...

  • You've been struggling to scale your business and create reliable results.
  • You've been thinking about starting a podcast or YouTube channel but it seems like too much work.
  • You don't want to sink (and possibly lose) thousands of dollars in ads every month.
  • You've tried all the strategies the "big gurus" use and they aren't bringing you good results.

In this 35-minute, no-fluff training, you'll learn the secret strategy that you can use to create fast growth in weeks instead of months or years:

  • Why this new, fast-growth lead-generation system will completely change you do you marketing.
  • The framework that makes this a low-effort method and easy to implement.
  • 3 phases and the steps you need to take in each phase to create the impact you want.
  • The benefits your business will experience when you use this system to scale your business.

"Your Micro Audio Summit program is off the charts amazing I've never learned so much in such a short amount of time."

~ Dr. Laura Cobb, Leadership Coach


“I’m so grateful that I don’t have to figure this all out by myself and I can just follow the Micro Audio Summit plan that Wendy created.”

~ Annabelle Bayhan, Business Coach


“The Micro Audio Summit System has been by far one of the best roadmaps & frameworks that I have experienced for business growth…”

~ Joyce Moon, Health Coach

I'm Wendy ~ The Audio Summit Coach!

Hi! I'm Wendy Breakstone ~ audio marketing and lead-generation strategist for online coaches and program creators who want to grow their email list and fill their pipeline without the struggle of slow-growth strategies or hours of video.

I created the Micro Audio Summit™️ System to help entrepreneurs like you, have a reliable, easy way to build their audience, authority, and email list on repeat and with little effort!

For the past two decades years, I've consulted and mentored hundreds of service-based entrepreneurs and small business owners who need marketing and operations support in order to create sustainable, long-lasting growth.