Leading the Way with Your Natural Talents While Managing Perfectionism with Guest Natalie Gingrich

As the creator of The Ops Authority and a successful certification program for operations experts, Natalie Gingrich is someone that we can all take a lesson from in discipline, excellence, and grace.  

Natalie is an expert in business operations, so it was especially fun to sit down with her to compare notes about how to build a business as the CEO/entrepreneur while being more comfortable in an operations role.  

During the interview, we dive deeper than either of us anticipated into what she calls "the vice of perfectionism" that actually stems from her anxiety, and how she's learned to do one of the hardest things that any perfectionist struggles with: Settling for less than what she perceives as perfect, and sharing her struggle with her community, family and friends.

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Natalie's Bio: Natalie Gingrich is the founder and host of The Ops Authority. She has been in operations for two decades – either in healthcare, corporate America or as an entrepreneur. Her goal is to bridge the gap and overwhelm when it comes to processes and systems, growing a team, and setting up solid business foundations. 

She spent 15 years in corporate operations and leadership at a Fortune 150 company. When given the opportunity to leave, she put the knowledge, certifications, and experience to work by creating her own consulting firm as well as a certification. She developed the Director of Operations certification to equip existing ops experts a flexible profession, outside of corporate but still playing a huge role in small businesses, globally.